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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't Believe it! Invited To The Wedding...And Can't Go!!! NOT AN APRIL FOOL EITHER!

Several folks have emailed thinking this is an April fool's joke...it isn't!

A couple of days ago I did a "heads up" post asking if anyone was going to the Royal Wedding in London of Prince William and Kate. I had a reason. Didn't get a response, so here is the reason and the solution to my question.

On my other blog, Time Was Antiques family blog I have been blogging, usually every Wednesday in conjunction with Decor To Adore's Royal Wedding Wednesday blog party, about the wedding gifts received by Prince Charles and Princess Diana for their wedding in 1981. The info came from a booklet I bought at the exhibition of gifts at St. James Palace in London the September after the wedding. WELL...I was contacted by someone from ITV UK in conjunction with TLC channel for help with some Royal Wedding programming they are doing.

The upshot was, they wanted me as an American Anglophile to participate in some "special opportunities" as well as some shows the day before & day after the wedding if I was coming. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO THE WEDDING!!!!  WAAAAAAA! Included was a trip to Kate Middleton's village and other places connected to the couple. I can only guess what else...I hope they'll keep me posted. 

Since I would not be there, he asked if I knew anyone who would...hence the heads up post. No response. Then I remembered a friend, Denise,  from the Afternoon Tea Across America Yahoo group that I belong to. Denise is an American who moved to the UK last August. So I asked her permission to send her details to ITV, she agreed (duh!) and my ITV contact was thrilled and she would be contacted immediately.  So have a ball Denise, and keep us posted. She had a friend who was coming over for the wedding but had to cancel so Denise pretty well thought she would have to give up going to the wedding. But....maybe she'll be there now! You go,  girl!!!

So...that's my excitement for the last 3 days as all this was flying back & forth from London in the early hours each morning (early for me...hey...I'm west coast!). So hopefully Denise will share some things with me I can pass on either here or on my Time Was Antiques blog, where this all began!

Here's a Prince Charles and Princess Diana wedding plate by Wedgwood I just added to Antiques And Teacups. I really like the colors and boldness of the design. To see more of the 1981 Royal Wedding plate click on the photos.


  1. What an exciting opportunity that was! It's such a shame you can't go!!

  2. isn't that lovely? and a wonderful memory too!

  3. Wohoo for Denise! I love the wedgwood princess diana wedding plate!

  4. A wonderful story!! What fun! Thanks for sharing. xo


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