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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea...Did'ya Miss me???

Did'ya miss me??? Because I sure missed you, my dear blogging friends. But I am back, Lord willing, after healing a hand issue. I posted a bit ago about one ergonomic mouse, but here's another I am using which is great. It's a mouse you hold like a gun. I can even mouse from my lap which totally removes the pressure that caused me the problems....learn something new every day:

This is the first thing I have ever bought from China...but no problems with the transaction on the big E, which I don't do often. Cool!

So on to Tuesday Cuppa Tea...with great joy to be able to participate again!!!! I have read your wonderful posts...but couldn't comment. That was TOUGH!!!!

As many of you may remember, I have a real soft spot for the art deco era hand painted teacups that to me are little works of art, and are underappreciated, so I thought I'd choose one of that genre that was a recent find.

 This little beauty was made by Phoenix China...a part of Thos Forester, England, in the 1930s. I love the way the design is TOTALLY hand painted, from the background, which I call chickenwire to the flowers and the further applied red enamel flower accents.

I love the streamlined art deco era handle. Cute, huh? The lime green trim is unusual as well. I just loved it when I found it! Thomas Forester and Phoenix China...which was named for the pottery where it was manufactured...evolved from Charles Meigh in 1835, and passed through several partnerships until finally succumbing to the economic downturn and changing tastes that dramatically reduced manufacturers in the early 1960s. I have always loved the art deco work of the Phoenix works which did such fabulous hand painted works during the 1930s and early 1940s. Alas, all gone....For more info on this teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

I missed most of September....but here is the September page of my teapot calendar....

And now I turn to the last quarter of the year...to autumn and October...amazing, isn't it?!

I got out my favorite Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady today...

No matter how many times I read the pages with Edith Holden's charming drawings, watercolours and poems, I am taken back to the long gone era in the English countryside, so near to my husband's birthplace and to my family's as well....

With a cup of tea in hand, I read of acorns, blackberrying, and mottoes from the Edwardian era...

"A good October and a good blast
To blow the hog, acorn and mast"

"In October dung your field
And your land it's wealth shall yield"

"Then came October, full of merry glee"

"Calm and deep peace, on this high wold;
And on the dews that drench the furze,
And all the silvery gossamers
That twinkle into green and gold.

Calm and still light on you great plain
That sweeps with all it's autumn bowers,
And crowded farms and lessening towers,
To mingle with the bounding main.

It has been so nice to have tea with you today again. Below of the linky if you would like to link your tea related posts. I would love to hear from you with a comment, and look forward to visiting you, my dear blog friends!


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