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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

September is nearly half over? How did that happen!?!

Somehow, this wasn't posted... no surprise really....  

It is so hard to believe September is here! But... here it is, and fall begins. The illustration is from my favorite Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady, a book I enjoy looking at while having an afternoon cup of tea break.

This thought so chimes with my life at the moment... so much to still deal with both physically and emotionally... but we must not forget to appreciate and enjoy the gifts we are given.

I am looking forward to my Saturday visit to the Farmer's Market tomorrow... a joy that had been put aside for a couple of years.

But I am continuing to look forward and accomplish what is needed, as well as what I want to have in my life again.

Some of the items added to Antiques And Teacups this week:

Emma Bridgewater Black Headed Gull mug

Emma Bridgewater Mug Black Headed Gull Birds 2006... now sold

Blue Transferware Plate Mausoleum Romantic Staffordshire 1905 Cauldon England

Blue Transferware Plate Mausoleum Romantic Staffordshire 1905 Cauldon England

Pink And Yellow Roses Cup And Saucer Elizabethan England 1970s Bone China

I can definitely attest to this.... everyday is an exercise in forcing one foot before the other, dealing with what needs to be done, and MAKING myself eat! 
Tea is always there, so I add something healthy and tempting to help. 

And, after several years of not having the time or energy left to do any baking, I plan to get back to making some things to add to me teatimes.
A comforting ritual to center and continue to find my new place in the world.
Besides my faith, family and friends, tea is essential!

I hope you have a week full of joy!


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