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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea Pot and Tea Things Tuesday, Teacup Tuesday

For Teacup Tuesday, Tea Time Tuesday, Teatime For Two, Tea Pot and Tea Things Tuesday and other tea related blog parties today I wanted to share this Wedgwood, England teacup called Strawberry Hill because we had our first strawberry shortcake of the year last night! Totally delish! I always love this time of year with the fresh strawberries available. YUMMM!!!

This Wedgwood teacup at Antiques and Teacups was made in between 1957-1978 and has always been a favorite pattern of mind. It is such an elegant shape and lovely pattern. Speaks spring to me...and those great strawberries! To see more about the teacup, click on the photos.

A month from today's date is the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate. It was fun posting the cake recipe & prep videos yesterday. Today I have something different, so get out your knitting needles. A tea friend, Denise of Tea In London on Afternoon Tea Across America who now lives in England sent me a link to a booklet she found and then located on Amazon called Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

The blurb says:

The most unique tribute to the wedding of Prince William and Kate 
Middleton--instructions for a handknit wedding scene complete with 
adorable dolls and a foldout illustration of Westminster Abbey so you 
can display your creations.

Knit Your Own Royal Wedding 
features projects for Prince William, Kate Middleton, the Queen, Prince 
Harry, other members of the royal family, and even a cute little corgi. 
The background scene, which fits into a pocket in the back cover, is an 
illustrated foldout of Westminster Abbey. Also included are instructions
for a few wedding accessories.
Each project comes complete with 
knitting instructions and full-color photos of the finished doll, all on
cleverly illustrated pages. For knitters and nonknitters alike, this 
will be a beautiful and fun souvenir of what is sure to be the wedding 
of the century!

How fun is that!  So...get knitting!!!!
Knit Your Own Royal Wedding at Amazon

Won't be getting to my tea friends till later today...filling in for the church secretary today & Thursday while she is with our youth group on a trip to work at a n orphanage in Mexico which they do every spring break. Have a great day.

And please remember to pray for my dear daughter in law Casey who is having heart surgery today at noon. The fervent prayer of a believer does much. Thank you.


  1. You are so right the teacup is so elegant. I see why you like it so much. I will say a prayer for your daughter-in-law.

  2. Hello Ruth,
    Your teacup is lovely! How nice to have fresh strawberry shortcake this time of year! We won't be having fresh berries until July. I'm sure you enjoyed it very much! I will be praying for Casey. Thank you for joining me for tea and I wish you a delightful day.


  3. Those strawberries just say summer with whipped cream to me. Yum! I'd love to be a designer for them - wouldn't that be fun?

  4. That is a very pretty teacup. Love all things strawberry! Fun to see the Wedding Party in knitting! That would be quite the challenge (at least for me it would). If I haven't already, I want to thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. My prayers are with your daughter-in-law. "And by His stripes we are healed." Bess

  5. what a gorgeous strawberry pattern of wedgwood! love the handknitted royal wedding too! will check it out at amazon! Have a great day, Ruth!

  6. I love the strawberries, now I must go eat some. The colors are fantastic! What a treasure.

  7. LOL! A friend of mine in Australia showed that knitted royal family to me. I thought it was really cute, especially the corgis. But she said that "stuffed" was the only way most Aussies liked the royal family. Oh my!
    Is it possible they are more popular here in the USA than in the commonwealth?


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