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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Turkish Cresent Dangle Pin Persian Turquoise

Is this fun, or what??? This is a hand made pin I call a harem pin from Turkey, brought back in 1967 from a European trip. The pin has a persian turquoise cabachon and 2 crescents with dangling discs. I LOVE it! It rustles with movement and is so fun. You can see it at Antiques And Teacups.
I have a lot of vintage and antique jewelry to add to the site, and have just started doing so. I have brought back jewelry and linens from our last buying trip as well as teacups, postcards and a lot of different items I couldn't pass by. I think the hunt is my most favorite thing. You never know what you'll come across.
There is currently a lot of buzz about the American Pickers TV show...I like to watch although they rarely pick up something I'm interested in. They do get as excited as I do with a china find, so I can identify with that. It's a fun show, anyway.
We had quite a bit of damaging winds & heavy rains here over the weekend that cleared up before Easter Sunday, but it's maybe staging a return on Thursday...we'll just have to see. We went to a local antique and collectible show here called the Elegant Flea which benefits our local Museum and Art Center. It was quite fun and I found a few things.
Well, back to listing things on the shop. Stop by and browse. If you have suggestions, let us know!


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