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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teacup Thursday With Miss Spenser, Rosina Teacup with Shamrocks

Happy Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser. I have tried to find green teacups to share but it's a bit difficult. I tend to be blue obsessed, so it takes some looking. But...I found this one that has green shamrocks as well as other spring flowers so I thought it was quite suitable!

This teacup is by Rosina, a favorite maker. The design is put on with a grey transfer, then the design is hand colored and fired and then another artisan applies enamel paint accents. The enamel is raised so there is a textural, 3D effect which I love. And the shamrocks are great for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day. I have my corned beef all ready to make with cabbage, potatoes, onions and carrots. Lovely!!! That's comfort food! For more info about the Rosina Shamrocks and spring flowers teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photo.

And perfect for your Irish Breakfast tea, here's a green tea tin from England. Makes me smile!

For more info, click on the photo.

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Have a great day, see lots of wonderful teacups and meet new blogging tea friends! Smile...perhaps you're Irish!


  1. A lovely tea cup -- love the shamrocks on it!

  2. What beautiful cups you have and I also adore the tin.


  3. Such a spring time tea cup! Loved it.

  4. So pretty! You have some really cool stuff! Always something interesting to share!

  5. Such an apt teacup!! :-) I love your tea caddy too, tea caddies are almost as much fun as teacups themselves!

    Jem xXx

  6. Your Rosina teacup is very pretty! I love the shamrocks.


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