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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Quick update here

Just a quick update...
yesterday my Honey had a camera probe which resulted in good news and not so...
The specialist said that the good was he is is pretty good shape despite Parkinson's Disease, etc, 
there is no cancer or other possible problems. 
The not so good is that surgery is definitely necessary, and we are waiting for a scheduling sometime for the middle of September.
At least now we know where we are now.

I took this photo for fun to show off a birthday gift from a friend... some lovely macarons.
Raspberry with chocolate, Lemon, Matcha and Pistachio and Chocolate/Chocolate....there were a dozen. 
A fun tea treat.

The teapot is a Roy Kirkham Redoute' Rose from Antiques And Teacups, which I was photographing when the macarons arrived.

Using one of my spare Shelley saucers. This is a Rock Garden Chintz.

Will keep you posted, but am still mainly caregiving, so will not be posting a Tuesday Cuppa Tea for a bit...
Have a lovely week!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Shelley Tea Tray And A Linky Break

Hi my dear blog friends... I have realized at this seaso I can not do the Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky, because of the care of my dear husband ...I am his sole caregiver at the moment...is just not leaving me enough time to ensure I get to visit everyone who so kindly and faithfully leaves a comment or link.
Hopefully soon I can return...

But I managed to remember to photograph a tea I was having in the sunroom using various Shelley pieces, as I finished the last of a Blueberry Nectarine crumble on Saturday....

This is a Shelley I got recently... in the Blue Rock pattern and Henley shape...

The pattern has the added feature of the scroll border as well as the gold trim and blue handle and foot...

The pattern number is 13546, and it was made from 1940-1966 when the pottery closed, but on several different cup shapes.

I put some of the organic Blueberries we got at our local Gray Marsh Organic Farms in an oval  Shelley webbed shape bowl....

The pattern is called Hulme's Rose Bouquet, named after the Shelley designer who created it...so pretty!

The pattern is number 13240 and dates from the same parameters... 1940-1966...made on different shapes during that period.
These bowls are so versatile as well as pretty for a tea table!
Lemon, teabags, cream, jam.. you name it!

I have a lonely Shelley Harebell Low Footed Oleander cream soup that doubles as a dessert bowl.  The saucer arrived after a buying trip to England in 4 pieces, but I love the bowl so kept it. And I don'y care if I never find another saucer really! Lol!

The pattern number of the cream soup is 13598.

And for the custard I am making for the cobbler, a lonely Shelley Bridal Rose or Rose Spray Dainty shape creamer. The sugar bowl was another victim of the shipping from the UK. But again, so versatile and goes with so much!

The pattern number on this is 13545, and again a long time of production until the pottery closed in 1966.

So there we go... thanks so much for joining me for tea. It helps keep my sanity at the moment... if that's possible! Lol!
Have a lovely week and visit some of the wonderful blogs I follow on my sidebar.
Hope to have Tuesday Cuppa Tea back soon.
Psalm 31:15
Our times are in His hands
and I am content for that to be so!


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