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Monday, September 24, 2018

Tuesday Cuppa Tea is Back! Shelley Fruit Center Teacup

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful fall week...as it is now officially fall. And welcome back to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  Teacup Tuesday is back, as my husband is home from the hospital and recovering nicely...as best he can with the added Parkinson's Disease.
A bit nearer to some sort of normal anyway!

It is fall here in the Pacific Northwest and really my favorite time here. Lovely! I have chosen a fall themed teacup in a pattern called Fruit Center by my favorite Shelley China, England that was made the last 3 years the company was in existence from 1963-1966. 

The shape is called Lincoln, and I love the blushing pink color!

Aren't the fruit luscious looking? We have a lot of organic growers around here, so at the moment I have plums and peaches sitting on the table. Making some sort of plum dessert tomorrow I think.

Among Shelley collectors, there is an ongoing discussion as to whether the fruit is apples or peaches along with the grapes and currants. Living in a state famous for our apples, I tend to side with the apple faction, but it's not clear at all! What do you think???

For more info on the pink Fruit Center teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

I always love getting Victoria's British issue...my favorites!
And I re read the other issues...

Speaking of fall and fruit, I was revisiting the September/October 2011 issue of Victoria Magazine which is a favorite thing to do as I have my afternoon tea in our sunroom.  I loved the apple pie on the front...doesn't that look delicious? 

And inside I enjoyed the fact that there were many articles about England which is my second home.  

But there were also great articles like the ones above. The top was part of the ongoing Touring section and features the Inn At Montchanin Village in Delaware. I was taken by the lovely display of transferware.  The bottom photo is of the pages titled The Flavor Of Fall and featured many great recipes. I have made so many from my collection of Victoria...some are family favorites and made often.

A Tiffany stained glass window panel from The Four Seasons at Morse Museum

Thanks so much for joining me again for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!
I will be joining this week:

Here is the Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there!  I am so looking forward to visiting you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Simple Fall Tea And Update

Hello my bloggy friends! A simple teatime in the sunroom today...a bit late, but...

My husband's surgery was Thursday, and I brought him home on Friday. He is recovering, and I have to remind him recovery after surgery and anaethetic takes some time. I feel at the moment like the family pest...time for your...meds, walk,  food, vitamins etc....

This is what we have had the last week...found this little pumpkin in the grocery store yesterday...we have even had our first snow night before last on the Olympic Mountains behind us of Olympic National Park...

So with that in mind, I also picked up some of my favorite fall Pumpkin Spice tea from Republic of Tea. Someone recently posted they had found a Pumpkin Ginger by Republic Of Tea as well, but I haven't seen that variety yet, but will be looking forward. Ginger is the best for nausea, and my Honey has that a bit both with Parkinson's Disease medications from time to time but also post anaesthesia at the moment.

Using a Johnson Brothers hand colored transferware mug in the Olde English Countryside pattern from the 1960s. 

Brown transferware is just fall to me...

My neighbors brought us over a few delicious bran muffins..packed with nuts, raisins and orange juice for a welcome home. So sweet!

A perfect with the Pumpkin Spice tea, too!
I put this one on an orphan Shelley China art deco saucer with dote in an unamed pattern from the 1930-1940s...

Love the unusual color...so deco!

Our really big news, as our daughter, son in law, their oldest son and his wife...our oldest grandson... arrived the 11th for 2 weeks of looking for property to move here from Utah...so excited!

Our daughter and son in law....

And our grandson and his wife...
They are looking for a property to share...
These photos were from a day tip they took to nearby North Cascades National Park...it is really beautiful there too!
Our son in law says he wants to be here by Christmas, but...we'll see...

So that's what's happening here in our neck of the woods. I hope everyone on the east coast is safe...I have been praying for the storm victims. Horrible!

Tuesday Cuppa Tea may be up by next week, depending on how the doctor's follow up on Friday goes, and what the family is doing. They fly back to Utah on Monday.
Thanks again for all of your wonderful messages, comments and emails here and on Facebook. It has been a blessing to us.
Thank you!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Update For My Friends

Hi there...
I just wanted to post an update.
Thursday, Sept. 13th my husband had surgery to remove a blockage and I was able to bring him home on Friday.
We are cautiously optimistic this will alleviate the problem, although the Parkinson's is worse at the moment because of the stress of the surgery and hospital stay.
At least he is home and resting, so I am so grateful!

I am also grateful for the wonderful messages, comments and emails I have received on the blog and through my Facebook page or FB messenger.
Thanks so much...encouragement and prayer has meant so much! 

Hopefully... Tuesday Cuppa Tea will be back soon...


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