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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coraline Corsets Victorian Trade Card

This is so fun, I had to post it. I acquired a lot of 25 antique Victorian trade cards a year or so ago and have just rediscovered them and am beginning to list them. I just LOVE the old advertising cards which are such a window on the attitudes, manners and dress of the Victorian era which I love.

This card is one of my favorites. It is older,  from about the 1880s and is in black and white. The title:

Blissful Dreams Assured By Using
Warner Bros Coraline Corsets

For more info on the Coraline Corsets trade card at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Okay ladies...tell the truth. Despite the lovely romantic art work with veils and cherubs, how many of you would have opted for blissful dreams in a laced up corset???? One of the reasons I love STUDYING the Victorian era but am so glad I am not required to LIVE there!  GOOD GRIEF!!!

Next weekend, the Victorian Society of America is celebrating the Port Townsend Victorian Festival at the Port Townsend, Wa. which is 30 miles away. On Sunday we will be attending a Victorian Tea at one of the Victorian Bed & Breakfast Inn's which I will photograph and post. We are looking forward to it!

Among the speakers are a couple who routinely dress in Victorian clothing and will speak about all that. She wears a corset every day and has a 20 inch waist to prove it! That should be interesting. You are encouraged to wear Victorian garb. I have some Victorian/Edwardian era dresses from my grandmother I haven't looked at for awhile, so will dig them out. The white lace 2 piece summer garden dress is too fragile, but I have a black and purple half mourning that may still fit and be in good enough condition...I'll have to check.

Please remember to pray for Japan and to give to the relief appeal if you are able to. I have a link at the top left of the blog. Have a wonderful day and count your blessings which are so numerous. Every day is a gift. Share love with the people who mean a lot to you, and remember that everyone needs a hug...or at least a smile...all the time.


  1. Love your blog, I'm a new follower and I enjoyed your posts...I'll be back to visit more. have a nice evening, Jennifer


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