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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink Saturday - Limoges Butter Pats, Interviewed For Postmedia News, Fairmont Empress Celebrates the Royal Wedding

For Pink Saturday with How Sweet The Sound, I want to share these butter pats. I am absolutely in love with this Haviland, Limoges France butter pat. I found a set of six and have sold one, so have 5 left at Antiques And Teacups.  The pink flowers and blue ribbons are like a spring bridal wreath. Wonder what Kate is going to wear...probably a tiara. Anyway, what doesn't show up well in the photos is the center flower shape ring is made up of tiny green and gold daisies. This is one of the nicest quality butter pats I have had for awhile. I use them for teabag caddies, or pretty places to rest spoons at the tea table. They are a very affordable collectible. For more info, click on the photos.

Since Friday was April Fool's Day, I got a lot of folks emailing me about yesterday's post about my invite from ITV in England to be part of some TV shows the day before and after William & Kate's wedding...but it wasn't an April Fool's joke. I am still emailing back & forth to the UK on various things. But it was certainly the invitation of a lifetime. But too late to come up with affordable housing and a decent plane fare so I just gave up the idea and suggested a friend. Read yesterday's post for more info. I hope to have updates about things closer to.

I was also interviewed by the Canadian National newspaper chain POSTMEDIA/ News which includes the Vancouver Sun, Canada.com, The Post and more.
I was interviewed and should be in an article about Royal Wedding gifts in the week before the wedding. Shannon, the National Reporter, demographics and social trends with the paper will email me to let me know when the story will be published.  This is sort of cool!  Her editor wanted someone at the Royal Wedding in London and she just HAPPENED to be coming back through London 5 days before the wedding on her way back from her 3 week honeymoon in Turkey so they gave her the job! How cool is that!!!  All because of some blog posts about the wedding gifts Charles & Diana got in 1981,  which I have published on my other blog Time Was Antiques.

In honor of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton the Fairmont Empress and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in British Columbia, B. C. have special packages for viewing the wedding. Victoria is our back yard, so I took note. 

The Package is called Rise & Shine with the Royals" and starts with breakfast at 3am pacific time in your pjs or Fairmont robe in the Tea Lobby (really an elegant dining room where the afternoon tea is usually served) while watching the wedding on big screens. The cost of this (does not include the room rate) is $39.00 CAD. 

Later in the day there is the "Royal Subjects Picnic & Tea" on the lawn in front of the hotel. For $20.00 you get an afternoon tea basket to go which includes a cup of tea, scone with cream and jam, mini sandwiches, pastries and a flag to wave. A celebration will follow in Victoria including a Best-dressed-dog for the Wedding" contest.

The "Royal Empress Room Dinner" will be offered for 3 nights through May 1, and will be served on the Queen's china which has not been used since the Royal visit of Queen Elizabeth, wife of King George VI and later the Queen Mum and mother of Queen Elizabeth II to Victoria in 1939. Menu items will be inspired by the menu of that visit but no details have been given. The cost for the dinner is $150.00. 

Well, it sounds nice, anyway! BUT we can promise our 5 foot by 8 foot Union Jack flag will be flying here at home!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday...Ladies....another week-end traveling the pink highway....God Bless you and remember to hug someone...only if they want it!

  2. you have had a exciting couple of days!
    love the limoge

  3. What a fabulous event & fun time ... LOEV that butter pat!

    Happy April PS ~
    TTFN ~


  4. Gorgeous butter pat limoges! i must admit i think kate will wear a tiara too! Happy Pink Saturday! :)


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