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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Iceland Poppies, Anmer by Sandringham

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!  

I can't believe it's March!  For those of you with Welsh blood, it was St. David's Day on March 1st...the patron saint of the Welsh

The dragon is the symbol of Wales, and the day is traditionally celebrated with the wearing of daffodils and leeks.

I found these graphics on Google images, and they didn't have attributions. Neat aren't they?

But back to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

My teacup today is made by Salisbury, England in the Iceland Poppy pattern of hand coloring on a grey transfer. You know how much I love this technique! The fun thing also is the colorway. I have only had this pattern over the years in red and yellow poppies, so was thrilled when I found the blue and pink. I LOVE blue, so this is especially nice!

The pretty English bone china cup and saucer was made only between 1937-1940. I just love the cheerfulness of the pattern!  The pattern number is 2077. Salisbury started in 1927 in The Potteries and was taken over by Thomas Poole in 1961.  The name was discontinued, but the workers and molds were used by Poole under the Royal Stafford name which already was in production at Thos. Poole.

 A further merger with Gladstone China in 1948 lead to the forming of the Royal Stafford pottery as such.  In 1992 there was a further merger with Barratts, a famous maker of transferware and consolidated again as Royal Stafford which is still in operation in Burslem near Stoke-on-Trent. 

The pottery has a factory shop and does facility tours...or at least did as of 2 years ago...and is a great place to visit.   The teacup is available at Antiques And Teacups. For more info, click on the photos.

I'm sure most of you saw this photo...from the BBC...of William and Catherine leaving the hospital after her bout with early pregnancy problems.  Around the same time it was announced that the couple were looking for a retreat for a bit of peace and quiet away from their London base of Kensington Palace. The news was also given out that the Queen had applied for permission to make renovations to Anmer Manor House, a listed (protected as historically important) building on her Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which has been in the family since 1862, so it appears to be the choice of the couple.

Sandringham is one of the Queen's favorite retreats herself, and the family spends Christmas there every year. 

This photo is from the Daily Mail. When I saw the name of the manor house, and the connected village of Amner, I remembered....

I read a wonderful cozy mystery that was set in the Sandringham House and Anmer village called Death At Sandringham House by C.C.  Benison a year ago Christmas and loved it. I dug it out....

Death At Sandgingham House is one a a lovely series featuring a Canadian, Jane Bee, daughter of a Mountie, who visits an aunt in the UK and decides to stay. She applies for and lands a job as a housekeeper at Buckingham Palace (the first mystery is Death at Buckingham Palace) and proceeds to solve a murder with the help of Queen Elizabeth II. The books are great! And the descriptions of the palaces are perfect...at least of what I have seen on tours of the palaces. Another mystery is set at Windsor Castle.

Anyway, Sandgringham House at Christmas and the village of Anmer are the setting of the above book. Thoroughly enjoyable cozies with a royal connection. Recommended for an afternoon read with a cuppa....

So...there you have it....musings of a teacup, history, book and royal enthusiast...Below is a list of some of the blogs I will be visiting and a linky where you can...link up!  Have a great week!

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  1. Lovely memory of taking tea at Gladstone pottery tearoom.. Thanks for reminding me, Ruth!
    and HapPy St David's Day!

  2. Dear Ruth,
    Your post was chock full of great information-all so interesting. A factory still in existence is wonderful news. Love the teacup and what fun to find it in a different color way.
    Love any news about Will and Kate. All the pictures made it all the more interesting.
    Cheers, Ruthie

  3. Ruth, I found this post very interesting. The teacup is pretty and the it's nice to learn the history behind it. Also, the books sound lovely. Do you know where they might be purchased? The manor house looks wonderful. I've been watching Downton Abbey on dvd and thoroughly enjoying the lives of the characters portrayed. I'll be linking up later. Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a lovely day. Pamela

  4. Your teacup is so pretty with the blue and burgandy poppies.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Your teacup is lovely from Salisbury, England. I love English china, my fav ever!! I'm posting a beautiful 3 tier Royal Albert I just received and some other gifts for my 38th. Anniversary. Thank you for hosting and have a lovely week.

  6. That teacup is absolutely stunning! I might not getany tea drunk from it, too busy sitting and staring at it!!! LOL

  7. Ruth, what a fun and interesting post. The Salisbury teacup is gorgeous ... love the poppies. I loved the information on the pottery and always enjoy your Royal watching! Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting!

  8. Your teacup is really pretty, Ruth. I enjoyed the information on the new home for Will and Kate too. You really keep up well on the Brits - did you marry a British man and live in England for a time? You seem so knowledgable!
    xo Beth

  9. Your teacup is lovely, Ruth! Another interesting post you have shared with us. Thank you for coming for tea and for your prayers.


  10. Hello there dear tea lady, Ruth,

    Such an exquisite pretty teacup. It is so pretty with the blue and burgundy poppies.

    Thanks for sharing such treasured, lovely memories of taking tea at Gladstone pottery tearoom with us. It is also nice to learn the history behind it you teacup. The books sound marvelous as well.

    Will and Kate are such a lovely young royal couple; all the best to them with the expectant arrival of their new royal baby and the respite of a sanctuary while they await.

    Thanks for hosting.

    Hugs, blessings and cheers from Wanda Lee

  11. Your teacup is beautiful. I love the vibrant colors and the bold flowers. A fun tea post! thank you for hosting!

  12. Oh I just love coming to your blog and getting smarter for everything I learn.

    Thank you for that! : - )

    And thank you for hosting your lovely teacup linky party!!

    Have a truly wonderful week.

  13. A well rounded out post Ruth, a bit of everything which I enjoy when I visit you each week for tea.
    With a maiden name of Jones, I suspect we do have some Welsh in the blood back a couple of generations.
    I'll add your book recommendations to my list, I find the neatest books to read from fellow bloggers. Angela usually passes on some good ones too.
    Thanks for hosting.

  14. So much information here - great post and lovely cup and saucer!

  15. Hi Ruth,
    Amazing tea post with so much interesting information!
    And a lovely tea cup and saucer to crown it all!
    Those poppy flowers are really vibrant and cheerful!
    Thanks for hosting.

  16. Your Salisbury teacup is beautiful, Ruth. I love the vivid poppie colors. As always, your post is so interesting and informative. ~ Phyllis

  17. What wonderful colours those poppies are -that is such a pretty cup!
    Thank you for a very interesting read too :-)

  18. Your cup is beautiful! I also enjoyed seeing the royal couple and beautiful buildings...Christine

  19. Hi Ruth,
    what an interesting tea post. Your tea cup is a treasure with the nice colors and the interesting story about the factory. I enjoyed reading the news about the Royals. Thank you for sharing this tea time.
    best greetings, Johanna

  20. Thanks for such a great and informative article! I loved the info. on the factory and the royals. I'll be touring in September---maybe I'll come upon one or more of the places you mentioned.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller
    Homemaking Linkup going on now!

  21. Oh, thank you for the recommendation of a fun new cozy mystery to look for! I'm going to go look for it right now!

  22. Hi Ruth, I live in England for part of the year and your lovely post makes me a little homesick for Oxfordshire! Blenheim palace is very close to us there and a lovely place to have tea. I love your beautiful poppy cup. I try to grow the blue poppies here in Vancouver with very mixed results, but when they bloom they are so true blue. Very few flowers are a true blue, aren't they?

  23. Wonderful post Ruth, I enjoyed every bit of it. Truly! Your tea cup is really pretty.
    I loved visiting this pottery too. I wish I had two days to see it though, so I hope to get back.
    Interesting news about the Royals.
    Benison's books look great, thanks so much for sharing about them too.

  24. I do love this pattern. Blue with accents of red or yellow are are my favorites , be it china, linens, flowers. I tried many years ago to grow the poppies, but no luck there.

    Your history and current news about your favorite places is very interesting, and since I love cozy mysteries ( my favorite escape from reality) I will be looking up the mysteries you mentioned. Thank-you.

  25. Hello there! The pattern to your teacup is so vibrant and colorful - beautiful. That's a fascinating story - I'll look for the book, great memory! I do appreciate you sharing and hosting,

  26. Hello Ruth!
    Interesting Welsh lore and quote! What a lovely Poppies cup- elegant! I like the rich colors.What a treat to read about the pottery :)
    HAPPY March, happy Spring~

  27. Hi Ruth: When I read your blogs and never think about what you must be going through with your husband. I knew it, I just did not think about it because of how strong you always sound. Please forgive me, I won't do that again. I too will add you to my prayer list, we both know God is Able to do more than we can think or ask. Blessings, Martha

  28. Ruth, this is such a lovely post. I so enjoyed all the information and the beautiful teacup.

    We found you at Rose Chintz Cottage and we are joining your beautiful blog. Please visit us and maybe you will join us too!

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens nest

  29. I love your elegant tea cup, too. And it's fun to get news of the Royal family and a book review, too. I would love to read this one! Sounds like my kind of mystery!

  30. Hey Ruth...

    Love the Poppy set with it bright bold allure and the Sandringham Info..What fun( oops)..maybe it's all true... ...I do love a mystery ...I'm an Agatha Christie fan( ha Ha)...I just didn't quite connect it to the Royal Family .. which is really interesting...Thank you for your kind visit to my blog ..Big Hugs To You Dear Friend...xoxoxo

  31. I love Iceland Poppies. Your teacup and saucer is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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