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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink Saturday Shelley Teacup Luscious Gold Rose pattern on Pale Pink

Our first Pink Saturday with How Sweet the Sound for the month of March. I wanted to share one of my most favorite Shelley teacups. This is in the Dold Rose pattern and Lincoln shape and was made from 1963-1966. I think it is so gorgeous!!! Elegance personified! I love the blush pink, burnished gold handle & foot and the lovely roses.

To see more info about this teacup, it is on my other website Time Was Antiques, just click on the photo.

There are so many ladies sharing at Pink Saturday...please visit and enjoy the spring on their blogs!


  1. My goodness I have seen so many teacups and tea pot cozy's today. I wonder what it is.... Maybe the cold rain and melting snow. I did my Friday Pretties post on teacups. I just love them so many pretty ones!!! I see you have a site to go to for teacup Thursday I must take a look!!!
    My mother had a mug collection and my grandmother had a teacup collection. So I am a little smitten.

    Happy Pink Saturday

  2. HapPink Saturday! I'm new to your blog...and I love it! I so love your teacup share today andwill be back to check out your website and tea treasures!

  3. I don't really "live under a rock" but I have never seen a Pink Teacup and Saucer and this is so cute. Now I want one! HA!

  4. just GorGeous RUth !
    thank you for sharing this beauty ~
    HapPy PS ")

  5. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks so much for visiting me and becoming a follower! I don't know how I missed your blog especially with all your beautiful teacups! Oh, and thanks for pointing out the error on my About Me Page. That was a mistake...my tea set is Shelley Rosebud (I must have had Royal Albert on the brain as I typed that page). I've revised my page with the correction information. Have a wonderful weekend! I'm sure we will become great friends!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    You already have the royal mugs!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. As I told Gabriela...Actually...this is a different design. We have one for the engagement & this is for the wedding. It is a different shape, maker and design...same couple, though! LOL!
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