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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teacup Tuesday that wasn't...and William and Kate in Yellowknife Day 5

It was one of those days...nothing going right. I had gotten up early to do my Teacup Tuesday post...and my ISP was off AGAIN! I am on first name & how-are-your-kids basis with all the techs, so onto the cellphone to call support again, as have no internet or phone. Sigh...just got fixed, so I missed Teacup Tuesday!!!! We were also waiting for a phone report from my honey's cardiologist about last week's tests. So don't know if we missed them or not. We'll call tomorrow.

In a few minutes the phone was working, got an order for 30 teacups from someone planning a birthday tea. The teacups will be filled with flowers and go home as favors. Luckily, as soon as we began I asked for the phone number...good thing. A few minutes into the discussion and jotting down which teacups they wanted the phone went dead again. So, I was able to call them back on my cell phone. Whew!

photo Andre Forget/QMI
Prince William addressed the crown in Dene and Inuvialutkin in Yellowknife today in the Northwest Territories. They did some street hockey...which we stumbled across in Victoria, BC last February when we went to the Victoria Tea Festival. Street hockey is a big deal in Canada, and they received jerseys...with Kate clicking for #1 with William having to settle for #2. William and Catherine watched First Nation dancing and heard about the community. Rain greeted their arrival but it cleared off and was in the 60s.

The Canadian National Post Online have a fab photo album:
National Post Photos

Tomorrow's schedule is a bit different, but needed as the tour has been pretty much non stop so far. On the twitter feed, many of the local Canadians in Prince Edward Island yesterday were wondering when the pair would ever get a loo break...which is a potty break for Yanks. 

On Wednesday morning, William and Kate will leave for the northern Alberta town of Slave Lake, heavily damaged by a wildfire in May, to meet with residents who were affected by the fires. Following that visit, the couple will enjoy a private day to relax before concluding their nine-day visit at Alberta's Calgary Stampede, arriving in Calgary at 4:30 pm on Thursday, July 7th.

Well...I am (hopefully) back online now and have missed Teacup Tuesday but will visit everyone's posts. Have a great day!

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  1. I saw some of the photos online, and those royal kids look like they're having a wonderful time! It would be fun to be part of that excitement! I hope everything stays ironed out for you on the blog!


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