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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Wednesday Unusual Wedding Memorabilia surfacing

It's Royal Wedding Wednesday with Decor To Adore which is always fun.
I posted a Royal Wedding Wednesday post on my other blog, Time Was Antiques Family Blog covering various Royal Wedding hotel packages in the UK & US at Royal Wedding Hotel Packages.

Here, I want to share a few of the fun Royal Wedding memorabilia that I have thought were fun.

I included this in a blog a few weeks ago, but had to revisit...you still have time if you're a fast knitter!!!

Get the kids involved...HappyLand Royal Wedding from Early Learning, UK. How cute is that!  It works...I had a plastic model of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation coach & horses I put together with my father when I was 5 and remember sitting up with my English grandmother in my plaid wool robe and a cup of tea in one hand and the model clutched in the other watching the coronation in the middle of the night.

The Royal Wedding fridge cover for a place we visit often....TOO often!

Monarchist garden gnomes...reportedly selling well in the UK...will have to check with Travelocity on that!

My personal favorites...Royal Wedding teabags...already posted on this blog a few weeks ago...Will & Kate in a hot tub of tea. Apparently an English friend saw them & chortled, came home, read my blog & went back to get them 2 days later planning to send me a set and they were sold out. Sigh...BUT can be ordered apparently at Donkey-products.com.

Yep...someone had to do it! Kiss Me Kate ale from Nottingham's Castle Rock Brewery.

Life size stand up cut outs...unfortunately sold only in the UK & they won't ship to the us...I know, I emailed for a friend having a Royal Wedding tea party...from Starstills.com

And I can really eat this one up...from a pie maker, a Kate & Wills commemorative pie. The website says the pie contains British beef, wine, bacon, pearl onions, mushrooms and a dash of brandy. Sounds good!

Also a Royal Pear sweet pie with poached pears, rum and FairTrade chocolate. Drool!!!

For more on the pies, visit the Pieminister's Website.

This is not an unusual Royal Wedding item, but a neat Birth Of William plate from Wedgwood, England issued in 1982 when William was born to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. For more info about the plate at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photo.

So there you go...if you find any fun souvenirs, let me know. I have left out the sick bags, condoms & ashtrays.....

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