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Friday, April 29, 2011

Will and Kate in Aston Martin with Learners Plate - Harry Strikes Again

I had to mention this, as no one else seems to have noticed it and I cracked up. For the Yanks that don't know...the big red L on the front of the Aston Martin Prince William and Catherine drove off to Clarence House in means that the driver is a Learner. I think that was one more joke of Prince Harry's for his brother. The back license plate said Just Wed.

The Aston Martin which belongs to Prince Charles was a gift from the Prince of the Persian Gulf State of Oman when he visited with Princess Diana shortly after their marriage in 1981. Diana came home with an amazing suite of diamond and enamel jewelry....wonder if Kate will eventually get that.

I also loved the "Oh Wow!" Kate said to William when they came out on the balcony and she saw the crowd.

So...Now you have your British term for the day!
Okay...back to work. It has been incredibly busy the last few days with lots of orders for British Royal Memorabilia going all over the world from Antiques And Teacups and our other sites. Not too easy concentrating on getting the order right today when I didn't get to bed until 7am this morning and was back up for orders at 10. Early night tonight!


  1. it was a wonderful day from start to finish!

  2. I saw the "L" and am so glad you explained it! I loved seeing the two of them. Beautiful and happy. ♥♫


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