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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upstairs Downstairs What did you think? TeapotteryCanada Teapots

Well, it's begun...again. Upstairs Downstairs on PBS. I loved Eileen Atkins & Jean Marsh in their characters as Lady Holland and Ros Buck on the park bench saying their experience was what the house needed. Considering they were the 2 actors that conceived of and wrote the 1st series in 1974...I thought that a good line!

Jean Marsh as Rose then and now

Well, I enjoyed it.  A bit choppy and the character development a bit choppy to me. Poor Johnny...here and gone so fast, it seems. But I guess they needed to put a lot in a small format. But...will look forward to next week's installment anyway.

Back in February when we were last in Victoria, B.C. Canada for the Victoria Tea Festival we found a great exhibitor we told you about - TeaPotteryCanada. The company of to transplanted Brits in Canada from Yorkshire who are importing great figural English made teapots. I found the photos of some I took at the Victoria Tea Festival and share them here:

Check out their website...it's fun to see the various types they make. Here are some more:

Here is a figural toby or character teapot, like a toby jug that we have in stock at Antiques And Teacups. I think he's so cute and not often seen. He's 2 sided. For more info on the toby Teapot, click on the photo.

Hope you have had a great weekend. We have more rain...it's pouring at the moments. We have had 268% of normal so far this water year, so...But the don't call the Hoh Rain Forest here in the Olympic National Park a rain forest for nothing. No wonder vampire stories were written around here (or at least set here). See you soon for Teacup Tuesday with all the fun teacups to look at & share. Cheers!


  1. We enjoyed Upstairs Downstairs last night and are looking forward to what will happen next. What fun teapots those are!

  2. I really loved it. The look on Rose's face when the lady said Eaton Square was perfect. And when she saw Mr. Hudson's name on the key - well, it made me tear up. I was so fond of the old series, I was a little worried it might have been too "modernized", but I think they kept the feel of the old one. Plus the filming was so much better. The quality of the old film was so poor, but the characters were the real attraction, so it really didn't matter.
    I can't wait for next week.
    I'm going to watch all the old episodes on Netflix this week. What fun!


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