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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Guest List and Facts

Fo9r those of you interested in Royal Wedding facts for Prince William and Kate's wedding next week, the official (sorta complete) guest list is available with lists for the procession, etc. at  Royal Wedding official website. Royal Wedding Media Briefing

Some fun stuff...there are Westons going to the wedding...but not our English relatives, these are from Canada. Maybe distant cousins or something....And Mario Testino who was Princess Diana's favorite photographer and took the iconic engagement image above is a guest as well. The list is interesting to read. Also says where everyone will sit in Westminster Abbey & other stuff. A good read!

Also, the English website The Daily Mail Online reports that NBC is cutting back on their coverage because they think Will & Kate are "boring" and most Americans aren't interested.....
Read it here:

NBC scales back their royal wedding coverage 'because William and Kate are so boring'


  1. You do a terrific job keeping us in the royal wedding loop! Thanks for sharing this info. I think Kate is going to be a magnificent queen one day! Anne

  2. Well, they are a lot more interesting than those two NBC newsreader nobodies! - So there!

  3. They're such a cute couple! The prince looks so much like his dear mom Diana and Kate's a sweet girl. Now, that Charles!... I can't stand the sight of him marrying Diana, he made her suffer so much, and when I look at their wedding pics, I can't help but remember that he was in love with Camila and he married Diana because Camila was married already! May God bless this new couple.


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