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Monday, December 10, 2018

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Antique Christmas Postcard, Christmas Tea at Nourish

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

I am attempting this again, as my husband has been a bit better the last few days. Hooray!

But first... 
my antique Christmas postcard for December 11th...

I dearly love the artwork on this one from 1908, and the handwriting on the back... Wonderful!

Yesterday afternoon my husband was feeling well enough to go with me to one of our local farm to table organic restaurants in town, Nourish, forwhat they called their Christmas tea.

This photo I took last summer, when the outdoor pation seating was also open. They hadn't added any Christmas decor, so I didn't take a photo.

This was the menu, and it was delicious!
The owners are xpat Brits which is always a plus, and they sometimes make British comfort food along with more trendy things, and have a weekly Dine At Home menu you go pick up, which we often take advantage of.
But... on to the tea.

We are in a rural,  organic farm based community, so no fancy stuff to speak of around town.  The china is vintage, mix and match... but we had a hand painted teapot :)
I had a lovely propreitary English Breakfast and my husband had their decaf coffee blend.

The tower arrived. 
Bottom sandwich tier was
Smoked Salmon (local caught and smoked) tart 
with horseradish cream sauce

Carrot cashew cream & watermelon radish
with carrot garnish on caraway pumpernickel bread

Mushroom pate on whole grain crostini with pickled onions

The 2nd tier
Orange zest scones with
cranberry orange preserves and cream

Clove cinnamon pistachio chocolate flake cookies

3rd tier
Sweet mincemeat tarts with brandy butter.

Everything was delicious, and the cookies and mince tarts came home with us in a box!

It was so nice to be able to do something with my husband. We felt very grateful...as well as replete!

Thanks so much for joinig me!
I am passing on the linky again, it just is not working. 
But hopefully
will be visiting you soon!


  1. What a delightful post!How delicious!I love that gorgeous handpainted teapot!I had issues with my computer at the last three days so I could not visit my blogfriends...Your vintage cards are fabulous,great collection.Hugs,Ruth.Blessings to your husband and you.

  2. How wonderful to be able to go with your dear hubby, Ruth, and enjoy a special tea. The food looked fabulous and the teapot was beautiful.

  3. Your Christmas tea looks great, Ruth! So glad that your husband was able to participate. Some of my local tea rooms offer Christmas teas, but I haven't had a chance to try them out because of holiday commitments.

  4. I'm so glad you were able to go out to tea with your husband. The portions looked very generous and creative. I like when tea rooms mix and match their china. It's fun looking at the different patterns.

  5. I love the idea of using mismatched china. Years ago one of my children knocked a shelf that held about 20 teacups and saucers, needless to say not everything matched after that and I couldn't part with the ones that survived. And besides when some of my lady friends come for a visit they get to pick what ever they want. Wonderful post today made me feel really nostalgic.

  6. How wonderful that you were both able to go! Looks lovely, but I've never been a smoked salmon fan and always ask in advance for a substitute. Now I will visit all the commenters on this post just as if you'd done the linkup!


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