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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Christmas Break Shelley Tea, Antique Postcard for December 18th

Hello and happy December 17th...
Christmas is in sight...

Our antique Christmas postcard for December 18th is a lovely Maty and baby Jesus with a holly frame...

Christmas bring you
Joy and Peace...

A few days ago, I wanted to make something in a new Nordic Ware Bundt Duet pan I got, so...when that was done, had a small tea break...with a piece!

I had a Shelley teapot close at hand, in a Globe shape with a pattern that is actually a combination of elements from several patterns, which Shelley did often.

The floral bouquets are pretty and so is the pale green handle and trim.

The teapot has the date for 1940-1966, and no pattern number, so I can't narrow that down. No that it matters to me! :)

And, with a Christmas napkin out, I looked for a green Shelley teacup to use for tea, and found this one.
The shape is Gainsborough, and the pattern is called DuBarry, in the green colorway. It was made in a couple of other colors as well.

The pattern number is 13396 which dates it to 1940-1966 by the mark, but the pattern name was not added until the middle 1950s.

I used a spaure Dainty shape saucer as a cake plate... this is the Bundt cake I made... with added chocolate chips.

This is the Bundt Duet cake pan I found. As it's just the 2 of us, I have hesitated making a regular bundt cake. This makes 2 out of a recipe, so we can eat one and freeze the other.

Lovely! It turned out beautifully.
Now I have to decide what flavor to make next!

Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely week of preparation for Christmas and the coming of Christ!

Hoping to join this week...


  1. Good morning Ruth! Your Shelley tea ware is lovely, as always, and the bundt cake makes a nice treat for tea time. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas filled with the Lord's sweet presence and I pray the New Year will bring you and your hubby both good health and an overflow of blessings.

  2. What a lovely Christmas tea time. Most holiday-themed teacups are red so it's nice to see some green teawares.


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