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Monday, December 10, 2018

December 10th Antique Christmas Postcard, Miss Read's Christmas, Dunoon Mug

Good morning! The antique Christmas postcard for today, December 10th is...

This wonderful art nouveau image from 1906. It reminds me of the art of famous Alphonse Mucha.
Probably one of my prettiest Christmas postcards.

While looking for a seasonal book to read on my Miss Read shelf, I found this compilation book called Miss Read's Christmas book.
If you aren't familiar with Miss Read, it's a psyeudonym of Dora Saint, from the Cotswolds, who wrote wonderful books about English village life...

many, from the point of view of teachers in small rural village schools, which are wonderfully charming.
This book actually is more of what inspires the author, and includes scripture, poetry, seasonal hymns and literature quotes with charming illustrations.

A joy! Had forgotten I had it!

And another Christmas thing... a wonderful Dunoon mug for Christmas by artist Sue Scullard that is a combination of decorated front door, Christmas tree and Victorian Scristmas shop window... so cute!

Sitting on another of my seasonal reads.. a Cotswolds Christmas...which is another compilation from a favorite area of England...near where both our families are from.
Featuring folklore, stories, traditions, quoted, poetry and recipes.
Totally charming!

And another year with Murchie's Christmas Tea from Canada as the winner for me of my favorite holiday tea. 
Hope they don't ever stop making it!

Have a wonderful Monday.
Will be back tomorrow for Tuesday Cuppa Tea, and hope you can join me!


  1. I was fortunate to receive a sample of Murchie's Christmas tea from a blogging friend. Maybe next year, I'll order a tin for the holidays.

  2. That vintage card is great!I love the gorgeous teacup and the pretty red tin of Murchie's tea.Hugs!


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