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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Shelley Daffodil Time, St. David's Day, Royal Warrants, Welsh Cakes

Hello and welcome to the first Tuesday Cuppa Tea for March, 2014. How did we get here? With my husband's pneumonia and assorted other trials...

James 1:2-3

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, 
 knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

and that applies to coming home from holiday to a burst pipe and a non functioning heater at 30 degrees.   So...time passes and here we are. Are we having fun yet? You bet, 'cuz we are blessed! So...

As is often the case, my teacup choice is dictated by what else I plane to share, and this is the case today...

The teacup is a Shelley China, England teacup and saucer in a pattern called Daffodil Time, and is pattern number 13370. Daffodils have always been one of my favorite flowers because of their scent, although a lot of the new hybrids aren't nearly so fragrant. The smaller cousins,  Jonquils or Narcissus, are often more fragrant.

The pretty bone china cup and saucer is in the new Cambridge shape and was made between 1950 and 1966 when the pottery closed. I love the cheerful yellow handle with the gold trim!

The reason I wanted to share a teacup with a Daffodil is because the Daffodil is a national symbol of Wales, and of March 1st which is the Welsh holiday St. David's Day, the patron saint of Wales. 

St. David was born around the end of the 5th century, and founded a monastery in Wales, and was a beloved man to the Welsh.

On March 1, 2011, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge had her first puplic engagement with the Queen, her husband-to-be's grandmother and Camilla, Duchess of Wales, her soon-to-be Mother in law. The occasion was the reopening of the redesigned Fortnum & Mason's tea salon, renamed in honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As this is a favourite spot for us to go for tea when we are in London, I had thought I'd like to remember the occasion and our visits at other times to Fortnum and Mason.

Fortnum And Mason has a long history and started as a grocer in the 1820s. It has held many Royal warrants over the years...If you will look at the photo directly above, there is a coat of arms just over the door of the current queen. If a Royal personage buys from you and you request it...(another words if they are happy with the purchase, which can be anything from tea to bespoke suits to a toothbrush) you may receive permission to use that fact as an advertising coup in the form of a coat of arms as above, or in print on ads, cards, letterhead and the like and in the case of Paragon China (as I explained to a blogging friend who asked me about it this week), with the printed logo and info that they supplied the Royal personage by name.  Royal Warrants have been going on for almost 200 years. 

The example here is for a teacup  with a Royal Warrant for Queen Elizabeth, affectionately known as the Queen Mum, the wife of King George VI and other of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mary, George VI's mother and grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.   Paragon got in trouble for using the Royal warrant in 1926 after making china to celebrate the birth of the Princess Elizabeth...now Queen Elizabeth II...without actually receiving permission....naughty, naughty!  They apologized prettily for jumping the gun, and were allowed to continue after sweating it out for 6 months.  Royal warrants also could be given to potteries allowing them to add the term Royal to their pottery name: example...Grafton became Royal Grafton with a Royal warrant.  That policy has sort of lapsed since the general pottery dissolutions in the 1970s,and now anyone can say Royal in their name just because they think it sounds better!

Sorry...I got OT! It happens...anyway, back to Fortnum & Masons...this is Queen Elizabeth II unveiling the new plaque renaming the tea salon in her honour.

Here is Catherine...notice the Daffodil corsage...learning about loose leaf tea from the tea sommelier...yes, there are tea sommeliers just like wine sommeliers...

Here are the 3 ladies browsing one of Fortnum's famous baskets, or hampers as they are affectionately known,  which have been carried to stately homes, Royal Ascot, Henley and country houses and parties all over the country for 150 years...basically an expensive picnic with panache and snob appeal...

I took this photo on another visit...I can't find my even earlier photos...anyway, this has Wedgwood bone china a a choice of silver plated or sterling flatware. with everything you need. Then you order another hamper...looks just the same...filled with all the foodstuffs required....The following are photos I took of Fortnum's and their displays...

various china and tea ware including a display of my favorite Emma Bridgewater pottery below...

a table display of coffee varieties Fortnum also supplies, although better known for their teas. When we had our antique shop and tea supply business that we closed in 2002 to go exclusively online, we stocked many of Fortnum and Mason's teas...which were wonderful!  The company has been owned by the Weston family for over 300 years. My husband is a Weston, but pretty distant relatives of the tea part of the family. Sigh...

The display for all types of potted meats, spreads and pate....hence the goose...

Some of the displays of condiments, jams, jellies, marmalades and curds available...

Turkish Delight...my husband's favorite...

And probably the best part, having tea in the tea salon...

So there is my retrospective of Fortnum & Mason brought to mind because of St. David's Day and the Royal ladies visiting in 2011...a absolute must for a tea lover in London.

And in honor of St. David's Day and Wales, I found a great tutorial and recipe on making Welsh Cakes...which I love! The website is GreatBritishChefs.com

Below, please find the linky for your tea related posts, a place for comments which are such a blessing! and a list of some of the blogs I will be joining. I wish you a wonderful week, rejoicing in our blessings no matter what the trials we are facing....

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  1. A wonderful and interesting post, Ruth. I love the daffodil teacup. The scene on it is so pretty. It would be wonderful to visit Fortnum and Mason for tea. The picnic baskets are gorgeous!! Imagine purchasing one and having tea on fine china and real silver, in the garden of course. Sorry to hear of your broken pipe problems. That would not be very nice to come home to. Have a blessed week. Pam

  2. Oh, I love this! I've been thinking about daffodils and spring planting, and I also am hoping to go to Fortnum and Mason when my husband and I visit England later this year!

  3. I love the Daffodil teacup, Ruth, and I love daffodils too. They are a welcome sight in springtime. Your post is so very interesting and I enjoy learning anything about the traditions in England. Would I ever love to taste some Turkish Delight! I sincerely hope your pipe problems are fixed up by now. Thank you for sharing and hosting. Enjoy your day.


  4. What a fabulous post, Ruth! I've never had tea at Fortnum and Mason, but I have been inside the beautiful store to purchase candy, and I have their book, Tea at Fortnum and Mason. Oh, how I would love to go back to London again, and have tea there. Your Shelley teacup is beautiful, and I enjoyed your tribute to St. David's Day. The Welsh Cakes look delicious! Hope your hubby is feeling better. ~ Phyllis

  5. Wonderful, informative post. Shelley makes such pretty patterns and daffodil is stunning! Thanks for the history of St. David's Day, Royal Warrants and Fortnum And Mason. Such a fun post. Thanks for hosting. Hope you have heat and the hubby is well.

  6. Oh Ruth, I am swooning over your daffodil teacup! I have never been to London, but would love one day. Thanks for all the information. the Welsh Cakes look wonderful, too. Thank you for hosting and for your visit.

  7. Such an interesting post! Your pretty daffodil teacup so perfect for this time of year. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  8. Hi from Scotland. I love your pretty china!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Hi Ruth,
    I love all of the gorgeous displays of teacups and treats and pics of the Royal Family. Your Shelley today is so very beautiful and perfect for our upcoming spring.
    Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Hope your flood is under control and didn't damage too much. Have a wonderful week! Karen

  10. I've learned so much again from a post of yours Ruth and I know I'd like to have tea at Fortnum and Mason. My husband's great aunt made the best Welsh cakes but I've not tried making them yet. I'll check out the website you recommend.

  11. Once again you give us such a wonderful opportunity to learn. This time about tea and Fortnum and Mason. That Daffodil teacup is LOVELY. But then since it is a Shelley how could it not be.

  12. Ruth you always have the best posts. I loved seeing this store! Thanks for all of the info!

  13. Dearest Ruth .... your post has me dreaming of visiting Fortnum & Mason. And the teacup you shared is a reminder that spring will soon be arriving ... like most I'm ready to see this winter and all its cold retreat for another season. Thank you for hosting my friend. xo C. (HHL)

  14. What a beautiful Tea Room. I would have loved to be there. Your teacup is also very lovely, Ruth...Christine

  15. More interesting history. I love it ! Especially the info about Royal Warrants. That explains a lot regarding English teacups ( and so many other things ) with that "Royal" attached. Fortnum's. I see it in many British novels but have really never given it much though until now. Thank-you.

  16. I learn so much from your blog - and it's always fun. Love the pictures and visit to F & M . Happy Teacup Tuesday!

  17. What a delightful post! Visiting fortnum & Mason is on my someday dream list and having Welsh ancestry I really enjoyed the information with St. Davids Day- must try those tea cakes :)

  18. fabulous post Ruth! I loved reading about the warrants and F&M. I would love to visit that place! It would also be a treat to have tea there. Maybe on my next visit!
    Thank you for the recipe too! That is fab!

  19. Ruth:
    I just sold that cup and saucer as a trio in my shop. It is lovely and what a great and interesting posting here!

  20. My favorite store next to Liberty. What a treat to see it all again. Hankering to go back. Someday soon.
    Love your Shelley too, especially this time of year. I have that one too.
    Always love your posts, Ruthie

  21. Ah! A hamper from Fortnums! I am thinking on these things of late as we're watching all the seasons of All Creatures Great and Small on our new Netflix and Mrs. Pumphries was always thanking James with a "hamper from Fortnums" filled with all sorts of goodies because he took such good care of Tricky-woo. Love that show. Great post - eye candy in every photo - love the daffodils, too! Boy - am I ready for the springtime daffodils herald!

  22. Love all the beautiful cups you shared today. The first one is the best. Love it all. Blessings, Martha


  24. What a lovely post- Happy March! Love all the candid pics, Ruth. The scones look amazing and I enjoyed the Welsh history. Turkish Delight reminds me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! :)

  25. Oh my - the goose was my favorite thing. Large rooms with everything spread out and lots of walking space. That is what I noticed. Very traditional. Amazing and I loved the baskets with dishes.

  26. I love Fortnum and Masons but have never had tea there. Beautiful photos. Makes me want to take a trip to England.

  27. Lovely post. I just finished a study on the Book of James...
    I always learn so much from your posts.

  28. I definitely would love to visit! Beautiful and inspiring - I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  29. Your posts are such treats! Always featuring beautiful things for our eyes as well as thoughtful information! Thank you and God bless you!


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