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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Asiatic Pheasants, Blackbird Bakery on Bainbridge Island

Hi there and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I changed the background color of the blog to make it easier to read...which is hard for a blue lover, but it is cleaner and easier so that's okay.  My husband has pretty well recovered from the pneumonia, so life is good!

We have been very happy to have the so-called Pineapple Express, or a South Pacific current, with us the last few days that has brought our weather up to the 60s and started the birds chattering, so I chose a bird themed teacup today....

Asiatic Pheasant is a pattern with lots of names, makers and versions that arrived on the scene in the early 1700s as the so-called China Trade of items between the Orient and Europe became more numerous and popular. The pattern was a Staffordshire potters version of some of the wares coming in at that time. Some of the other names are Canton, Oriental Birds and others. But it has been a very popular pattern. 

This ironstone pink or red transferware version here is by Burleigh, England...a contracted name from Burgess And Leigh who are still operating in the Middleport Pottery saved a few years ago from destruction by Prince Charles' Prince's Regeneration Trust.

As you can see the artist didn't have much idea what the birds really looked like...definitely artist's license...which is why many bird patterns from the 18th and 19th century are referred to as "Fantasy Birds".

The pattern is made in several colors. The following photo is from the pottery's website showing the blue version:

The next photo is a leftover from last weeks' post from Fortnum And Mason, London (to see that post click HERE) and is a photo I took when last there of the Burleigh pink Asiatic Pheasants display at Fortnum's...

For more info on the pink Asiatic Pheasants china we have at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos of the teacup shown.

And speaking of birds,  fantastic and prosaic...we went for the day recently to Bainbridge Island for a day out, and that always means a stop at the Blackbird Coffee House in Winslow, close to the Bainbridge Island to Seattle ferry dock.

The coffeehouse is a popular place for locals and tourists and we love their bakery goods. They have a great selection of loose teas, which is always fun as well. The only hard thing sometimes is finding somewhere to sit, as it's not a very big shop...

This is my large breakfast sized cup of First Flush Darjeeling...my favorite...with a slice of another of my favorites from Blackbird...their Pear Fangipane tart with almond paste.  Heaven!

I took this photo above of the front of the shop a few months ago...as you see it's warmer. Forgot to this time, with the tree bare.

We took the scenic island drive home as the weather was so nice. We stopped by the coast on the Marine walk and could see a ferry heading to Seattle. It's the way we go to Seattle, to the doctor or to the airport....

I found this great aerial map of Bainbridge Island showing our familiar Washington State Ferry dock with the town of Winslow, and the scenic drive which goes to Eagle Harbor where we took the next photos...

There is a nice waterfront trail for walking almost all around the island, with wonderful views. This next is at Eagle Harbor as the mist lingered....

We are blessed to live in such a beautiful area!  So...there we have a latest adventure. I have a linky below for you to add your tea related posts. And I love your comments! Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedules to do so.  There is also a list of some of the blogs I will be joining, and don't forget Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage has her Celebrate Spring Tea Party on March 17th.  Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hello Ruth,
    What beautiful places you get to enjoy and visit! Almost every week, you have an adventure to share with us. I adore that Burleigh pattern and of course you know I love the red/pink transferware although the blue is gorgeous as well. Thank you for sharing and hosting as well as announcing my Spring Tea for next week. Have a beautiful day, my friend!


  2. I love the soft blue tea set. It is so pretty.

  3. What a lovely surprise to view your post this week! The pink Asiatic Pheasant trio is lovely and one of the tea and dinner sets I ordered from Burleigh online. I was so excited to receive the package a few days ago. The order also contained purple Asiatic Pheasant and Black Willow.
    Your trip was a lovely place to share. The coffee house with all the wonderful pastries is a great place to stop for tea. Have a delightful time!


  4. Hi from Scotland! Love the delicate blue and white china - lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. What an amazing place you are sharing with us... I so enjoy virtually tagging along. Loving your teacups and that fantasy bird is so lovely... a step back in time. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  6. What a beautiful place to live!

    I love both tea sets you showed us! So beautiful and detailed!

  7. I am very fond of pink or red transfer ware and this is such a pretty example. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I love both sets, but am partial to the pink transferware. You are blessed to live in such a lovely area and I enjoyed seeing your treat at the Blackbird Coffee House.

  9. Ruth, you do live in a beautiful part of the world. My daughter lives in Seattle and I love my visits -- wrap myself in all the beauty before returning home. Bainbridge is always a fun visit, too. I like the Asiatic Peasants ... the blue and pink seem very different! Lovely! Happy Tea Day and thanks for hosting.

  10. A really interesting post Ruth. The Blackbird Bakery looks wonderful. I can almost smell the fresh baked goods. A trip to Bainbridge Island would be a fun day adventure. I like the white background to you blog. Nice and fresh. I hope to join the party later today. Have a great afternoon!

  11. I like the blue and white tea set and the Blackbird Bakery looks like a fine place to have breakfast - yours looks yummy.
    I would love to travel around Bainbridge Island, it would be a nice hike with good photo opportunities.

  12. The Asiatic Pheasants china is gorgeous! I love the blue it looks so English country. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Thanks for the lesson on the Asiatic Pheasant pattern, and I enjoyed seeing it in the different colorways, too!

  14. Beautiful photos, Ruth! I love all the transferware tea sets....Christine

  15. Hi Ruth: I have never seen this pattern. It is stunning. Love the pink color. Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Martha

  16. Hi Ruth,
    Your teacups are lovely today. I must visit the Blackbird Bakery one day soon. It isn't far from our cottage. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Have a wonderful week! Karen

  17. Hello Ruth, I am so glad to hear that your husband is feeling better! That is wonderful!
    I am loving all your transferware, the pink is so lovely. Both patterns are gorgeous. The blue and white is wonderful too.
    We too have had some warm weather, I was outdoors reading a good book today. Yay!
    Have a lovely week.

  18. So happy your hubby is on the mend! God bless him dear Ruth. Thank you so much for the lovely party. I love red transferware and yours is lovely...I am also posting red transf. here too.


  19. Yes, Ruth! I am from the Philippines. How nice that you were there as an exchange student, I hope you liked it. I am sure I was there at the same time you were cause I came here when I was 21.....Christine

  20. We really do live in a very beautiful state. I am going to keep that little shop in mind when my husband & I next are in that area. I have been wanting a ferry trip too so maybe should plan a whole day's adventure .

    I learn so much from you about teacups and history surrounding them. Truly interesting . Thank-you !

  21. What a lovely tea set with the pheasant. The close up really showed him off perfect! I wish I was near that bakery, I would "flock" too it!

  22. Your area of the country looks so beautiful and I adore that bakery! I think you are fortunate to have that to go to! I also love your posting! So glad you shared.

  23. Beautiful dishes and beautiful area you live in! Thank you for hosting!
    Blessings, Nancy

  24. Always such interesting stories about china cups, teatime and the great NorthWest! Love the "fantasy birds" thingy - and transferware is always lovely. I think I like the blue and white version best. Always a joy!

  25. Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog about my carousel tea. I will definitely add it to Tuesday Cuppa Tea :). You live in a beautiful area. I enjoyed how your post was bird themed with the pretty china and the Blackbird coffee (/tea!) shop. That looks like a wonderful drive. I have a set with "fantasy birds" and now I know what that set must have been copying!

  26. Hello Ruth, (my close neighbour), gosh Seattle is just down the road from me and I love to visit for a weekend here and there. Your transferware cups are lovely, I love the gentle colours on them. Your breakfast...yum to the max! And me on a diet! Darn. Hope your week is bumping along nicely.

  27. beautiful china and what wonderful travels!! Happy VTT

  28. Love both of your pretty tea sets! I have just recently began collecting the red transferware, I've admired it for so long. Love all the interesting and beautiful places you share.

  29. Glad your husband is feeling better! I love this beautiful tea cup. Both red and blue are pretty, but the red is my favorite! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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