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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hooray! First Day Of Spring!

Just want to wish you all a happy first day of spring! And for those of you in the hard-hit midwest and east, I know it can't come too soon!

We here in Washington state have just broken all-time rain records. We have moss growing between our toes!

Most needed fashion statement here this year??? Wellington Boots...or as they are lovingly called in England...Wellies! But...spring is coming! Judith of Lavender Cottage posted this lovely photo of some of my favorite spring flowers...

Muscari, or Grape Hyacinths and Creeping Phlox. Lovely!  I even have a teacup pattern called Phlox...

And another image from Shabby In Love on Facebook, is a lovely collage of Forget-Me-Nots...

So I am ready...bring it on! Kleenex in hand...allergies, you know, but I don't care! Have a lovely first day of spring and enjoy the beauty of the season!


  1. Happy spring to you Ruth and thanks for sharing my springtime photo. I've been thinking about a pair of Wellies for gardening, not something colourful as you've shown but the traditional green ones. Every time I go by the store in the mall that carries them, I look through the window longingly but they're quite expensive.
    My only allergy is to one of the abundant trees here that gives off a yellow pollen that covers everything, and that only developed within the last 5 years or so.

  2. Thank goodness Spring is here...ore at least on its way! We had so much rain last week, I felt like I was right there with you in Washington. I hope you have had a lovely first day of Spring!


  3. Glad you are having nice days there. In Texas, our weather had been so unusual this year, flowers are having a hard time blooming.

  4. Enjoy your Spring as we in Australia head slowly towards Winter....HPS Michelle

  5. HapPy Spring, Ruth!
    only sign of it here is brighter sun and a bit more length of it -
    eventually it will do its work =)

    Absolutely luv that teacup! def says Spring/Summer !

  6. Happy Spring Ruth! I am happy to hear your enthusiasm. I am hoping for a really great spring and summer this year. I love those wellies! I have a pair that are purple on the bottom half and purple paisley on the top. I just love them. The phlox tea cup is totally perfect for spring time tea! I love the wide cup and all those lovely pastel colors.
    Your new blog dressing is gorgeous! I love your new tea button as well and hope to get to put it on my blog soon.


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