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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Bainbridge Island, Streamliner Diner, Church Mouse Yarns And Teas

I wanted to share some more of our visit to Bainbridge Island, which is a favorite day trip for us, as well as our stop of point to catch the ferry into Seattle. A few months ago, when it was warm, we stopped for breakfast while waiting at our favorite place for breakfast, the Streamliner Diner...

The diner is a local hangout, and always busy. It's not huge, so you often have to wait to get a table...

This photo was taken at the back of the room. We often end up in a little sorta cramped table for two to the right of the photo, just out of the photo...

There is an outdoor area in the front for overflow, and is lovely when the weather is nice. This photo is from last summer's visit, not last month when it was crisp and cold...in the 40s...

I had french toast and 2 poached eggs...which I forgot to photograph, but hey! you know what a poached egg looks like...

And my honey had salmon benedict with locally caught salmon and poached eggs...

Then down a couple of blocks to visit Churchmouse Yarns & Teas...where we can get some British teas we can't get anywhere else...if they haven't sold out! Kind of a strange combination, a multi tasking business, but it works!

They stock Emma Bridgewater pottery which is a favorite of mine. Lovely!

And, of course, yarns. They have a great selection of hand spun yarns from some local sheep which is fun, give classes and generally serve as a community center of sorts. So fun!

A wonderful way to spend a day, or a few hours waiting to connect with the ferry and appointments, etc. A quote for the day from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

I couldn't agree with that more. And I raise my mug of Harney & Sons Darjeeling with an Apricot Ginger scone we brought home from the Streamliner Diner.


  1. Nice diner. I really love how they displayed the teacups.

  2. I enjoy diners like that and the food is always different and so good. The tea/knitting shops is wonderful too. I like the Emma Bridgewater china but have never seen it in person. The mugs are pretty cool looking. I bet they have some lovely teas there too. Thanks for sharing these spots with us. Have a great day!

  3. Love your header, Ruth! Thanks for taking me along on your trip - I enjoyed it, Ruth.


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