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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cleaning Out Old Photos, Vintage Finds

Hi there! I am a happy camper! Had another tech savvy friend work on the blog. He fixed the sidebars, which have been temperamental, got Networked Blogs to behave and finally, after a year...got the Google Friend Connect up and running again. It hasn't worked since the blog scraping debacle a year ago. WooHoo!!

And at home...I am beginning to clean out and organize some old photo boxes, and found this photo:

This is vintage all right! This is myself on the left at age 20 with my aunt Ruth, whom I was named after, in 1967 coming down from the Temple of Dionysos on the Acropolis in Athens Greece. My aunt, a school administration who was divorced...a scandal! He was cheating on her! the year I was born, took me with her for 8 months in Europe for her sabbatical that year. That was wonderful! And boy, was it hot in Athens in August!  I will be sharing other photos, but this is the first of my favorites I located.

Changing gears, I wanted to share some wonderful teacups I found recently, that will be making their way to Antiques And Teacups.

This was such a wonderful spring group, I couldn't resist! The pink one is perfect for Pink Saturday!

Another pink spring beauty! So I have my pink on for Pink Saturday, vintage for Vintage Thingie Thursday and a few more! Just a short post really, to share my happiness about the blog being fixed. 

And I have some scones for tea as well! Life is good!  Now if I can only find my Greek worry beads I brought home as a souvenir...

I am joining:

Home On Wednesday
 Coloradolady  ~ http://coloradolady.blogspot.com/
Vintage Thingie Thursday
 Mrs. Olson ~  http://jannolson.blogspot.com/
Share Your Cup Thursday
Tea Time Thursday

Pink Saturday


  1. That's a gorgeous photo of you and your aunt.

  2. Beautiful china cups and saucers...makes me smile!! I love all the florals and colors. Happy VTT

  3. Sweet picture -- you and your aunt look like twins in your matching hats and dresses! How wonderful to have been able to travel with her :)
    Those teacups are simply beautiful!

  4. I feel sorry for auntie but lucky you! The two Ruths look very fashionable in your hats and dresses. All of the teacups are pretty, especially the pink one.

  5. That's a great photo of you and your aunt looking very stylish. I'm glad you got your blog back to normal, Ruth. Happy Spring to you!

  6. Nice post and I enjoyed it. I love the old pictures and the history behind them.

  7. Such a lovely picture, you both look so stylish. Love your tea cups, but especially that pink one!! Glad you got your computer problems fixed!

  8. Life is good Ruth! I love the picture of you and your Aunt. Such stylish women in your darling dresses and hats! Your tea cups are beautiful and I love the stack. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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