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Monday, December 2, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea - 7th Blog Anniversary Drawing! Shelley Cup Primer 4 -Welcome December!

Whoa! Is there a lot to post today!!! Happy Tuesday Cuppa Tea....

And...November 30th was my 7th Blog anniversary! Amazing!

That is so incredible that it's been that long! It's been great...except for the episode with the porn blog scraper who stole all of my posts and photos for 6 years worth and it took months to get everything back. It lost my readers, followers and a lot of faith in the internet world! But I am not going to let that defeat me!!!

In honor of that...I am having a giveaway! 

This is the cutest boxed...and I guess the cute box was part of the reason I liked it...winter or Christmas themed porcelain cup with lid and infuser with a birdhouse theme....

You who live in southern states with lots of sun can take better photos! Us in northern climes have a harder time...my "natural" lights still leave things yellowish....so I asked my husband, who is the photographer for our business, to take a photo in his booth....

Better, huh??!  Plus assorted other goodies which will be part of the giveaway...pictured here and not!   I have to make this for US residents only, as it is heavy, but for my non US friends....I'll have another drawing that'll ship anywhere in a week...so check back for that!  Just comment by Dec. 8th the you'd like to be entered, and a follow this blog through one of the options on the sidebars...
Like by email, 
Google +
And my Facebook page would be appreciated!

In your comment let me know you'd like to be entered, and where/how you are following. Easy Peasy! I will use the random number generator on Sunday Dec. 8th.

 My Google Friends Connect of 260+ people disappeared last week, and they can't get it back, so I hope I can contact the winner. I'll post the winner next week. for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Okay...now on to Tuesday Cuppa Tea, and my last Shelley China cup primer, Part 4. Not that these are all the shapes, but I figure you all have to be getting tired of that and want to get on with the holidays...so that's what I'll be doing! 

This first Shelley China, England teacup trio is from Shelley's earliest years when the company was using the Wileman name...a member of the founding potters...and dates to 1894-1910. The shape is called Early Empire and has the British Registry date...when the pattern was first registered or as we would call it here, patented, of 1893. The pattern is called Rococo Ornament and is pattern number 5157. This shape isn't often found, and this photo is from my archives

This is the Shelley Bute shape, which was used by the pottery in 1890, between 1907 and 1939 and lastly between 1950 and 1962. It was a more utilitarian pattern, but also had some wonderful patterns like this one called Swallows that I just love! This was also done in a version with a burnished gold background behind the Swallows instead of blue, which is pretty spectacular.

This is another rarely seen shape called Chester with the fun art deco circle handle that was made by Shelley from 1931 to 1962. This particular pattern is Melody Chintz which they only made once in 1940.

Another of the older Wileman Shelley cup shapes is this Edwardian beauty called the Late Lily shape, which was only made between 1888 and the 1910s...truly Edwardian in taste. It could have fit so well in the first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey! The pattern here is called Climbing Rose, and it was made in several different colors...of course I like the blue best!

For contrast, we have the Shelley ultimate art deco shaped cup shape by Shelley called the Eve shape. This shape was made between 1932 and the mid 1940s when the World War II forced the pottery to make more utilitarian items for the war effort, when it could work at all.  This shape is not often seen and commands high prices when it is. The pattern is called Bands And Shades and is in the green colorway, although it was made in several different colors as well.

This is the last Shelley cup shape in this part. The shape is called Atholl with the so-called Thorn handle...it was made with a plain handle also...and was made from 1962 to 1966 when the pottery closed. It amazes me that it was made so late in Shelley's history, as it harks back to their earlier Edwardian designs. I think that's fun! The pattern is called Harebell, but is different from the Harebell that was used more extensively in another version.

If you are interested in the other parts of the series,
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And so...hope you weren't too bored....there are LOTS more I haven't shown you, but enough is enough! Lol!

 I have my mug out with a cup of holiday Celestial Seasonings Sweet Pumpkin Harvest tea, because today the fall goes away and I'll start getting Christmas out. This week end was too busy with friends, family and food and so today is the day!  I hope you will visit some of the blogs, follow this blog and comment to be entered in the drawing.

The list and linky are below, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Happy 7th Blog Anniversary! Your Shelley teacups are spectacular. I love the Bute teacup; so pretty! A wonderful Giveaway too. Someone is going to receive a lovely package. Thanks for hosting and joining me for Tea Time, Ruth.


  2. 7th? Wow! Happy Anniversary, Ruth. Enjoyed your blog every step of the way. Your teacup all look fabulous. Great giveaway!...Christine

  3. I am following you!...Christine

  4. My goodness, seven years blogging already! Congratulations Ruth. I am in awe over the teacups shared today, your collection is enviable.
    The giveaway is sweet and would be right at home with all the bird decor I have, but I live in Canada so will have to wait for the next draw.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. Hi Ruth,
    Congratulations to 7 years sucessful blogging. Your tea cups are always outstanding and the one, you give away, is so cute. And I am off with the calendar picture. It shows antique silver items, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection and all the sweet things.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Happy anniversary! Your teacups are lovely! Lovely giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  7. Hi Ruth,
    Wow! You are such an expert blogger! My first anniversary will be in April and I feel very inexperienced compared to you! I love all of your teacups today but my favourite is the Melody Chintz. You always share such interesting information ~ I wish I knew more about my teacups. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Have a wonderful week! Karen

  8. Love your give away. What a beautiful cup. I really would love to my it in my mail box :).
    [email protected]
    I follow you on Bloglovin and Google

  9. Wonderful cups, the trio is my favourite. Unusual boxed tea cup, unique I've never seen one like this before great idea for a giveaway.

  10. Blessings, Ruth! I LOVE Give-Aways and would love to be entered for this lovely tea mug and matching box! Of course, you know I follow you on Facebook - I really like following people there because I can stay up on new posts more efficiently. Since my migration to WordPress I lost my blogroll - and I fear - many followers so I'm sort of starting again. Oh well - at least it was not the type of loss you encountered! What a horrifying experience - I remember when you were going through that. Congratulations for sticking it out into year seven. I learn so much from you - and LOVE these Shelley posts. I think the cups you've shared to day are my favorites so far.

  11. OH my! Your post was so much fun! I enjoyed your 4th installment about Shelley. Thank you for informing us so well. I am so sorry about what happened to your blog. I am not a part of Google +, so I was only able to follow through Linky Tools, which I am a member of, and Pinterest. I wish you the best with your new blog.
    And YES I would love to be included in your giveaway! Yay!

  12. Please include me in the giveaway; I love the cup! Your posts on the different tea cup styles are so informative, thank you!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I would love to be included in the giveaway for the pretty cup.

  14. Oh, I'd love to be entered (and I follow through a link to your blog on my blog)! And I have thoroughly enjoyed the Shelley series. That Harebell teacup is to-die-for, and I love knowing about the "Thorn" handle. I have learned a lot from these posts!

  15. What a challenge you've had to keep blogging. I hope the next year is more fun! I'm following you on pinterest. Thanks so much! Hugs!

  16. Dear Ruth,
    Listening to Christmas music, drinking my Earl Grey morning tea in a new Christmas mug I forgot I bought last year and decided to check in here before I go back to writing Christmas cards. I am so glad I did. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. What a darling mug and box and how great that it has a top on it. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Happy Anniversary. We are glad you are here teaching us. I love to come here and learn about the china patterns. You have such knowledge. :) Ruthie


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