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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea...November Reigns...Shelley Teacups Shapes Part 2

Hello my dear friends and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea for November 19th. 

Today was chilly when we walked this afternoon...there's quite a bit of fresh snow on the Olympic Mountains just above us, and that chills the air. Very fall, very November. Had our first round of Christmas bazaars this last weekend...and more to come next weekend as well. They certainly set the festive feel.

We are busy thinking about Thanksgiving with some new health information. Because of some blood level changes, I am adapting menus and cooking because a hereditary cholesterol problem I thought was under control is off again, and I do not want to take a medication, so am further adapting my diet. When I am already omitting all dairy...and have for years...it has just gotten a bit more complicated. But we have so much to be thankful for, it's a small thing. So, basically I am making EVERYTHING from scratch! My, I'm gonna be healthy!!!

But on to Tuesday Cuppa Tea, which this week is Part 2 of Shelley China, England shapes. Thanks to so many of you who left comments of emailed/messaged/posted to ask me to continue.

This is actually another form of the Dainty shape, called the Tall Dainty, which was made from the 1930s until the pottery closed in the 1966. The Tall Dainty was made in both a regular size, demitasse size...demitasse means small cup in French...or the miniature size...more about that in a bit. The pattern on this teacup is Blue Rock.

This is a shape called Carlisle that was made by Shelley China only between 1950 and 1966 when the pottery closed. The pattern name on this teacup trio is Blenheim which was made in blue and green, and with or without gold trim on the oval loop handle.

This is the pattern Heather in the Richmond shape. This shape was made between 1938-1966 and was made with or without gold trim on this particular pattern. Shelley made several different landscape patterns which I really enjoy.

This is another landscape pattern that I shared a few weeks ago in the Trees On The Hill pattern and the art deco shaped Regent shape. I just love the deco shape and handle and the bright colors. The Regent shape was made between 1932-1962.

This is a shape called Mocha which is usually referred to as a demitasse or coffee size, developed to hold after dinner strong coffee in the French manner to go along with liqueurs after a meal. You can see these in Downton Abbey scenes. The Mocha shape, with some slight variations, was in production from 1913 through 1966, although the shape was enlarged from 1962 into a larger size as after dinner coffee and liqueurs went out of fashion. The handle changed a bit over the years as well. The pattern here is generally referred to as Sgraffito...which is carving...or Stencil.

Last and not least for this edition of the Shelley cup shapes, is a shape that looks very much like the Mocha above, but is the Cantebury...notice the slightly tapered cup bottom, while the Mocha is straight down to the bottom? That's how small some of the Shelley shape differences are. And there is something else special about this cup and saucer...it's a miniature. Shelley made miniatures in about 5 different shapes, but not many of them, so they are in high demand and very collectible. This little cutie, in the Blue Charm pattern, is only 1.65 inches high, and the saucer is 3 inches in diameter. The usual Shelley cup is 2.5 to 3 inches high and the saucers are usually 5.5 to 6 inches in diameter.  The Cantebury miniatures were made from 1954 to 1966. Believe it or not, there was a smaller size made, called the Gem which was only 1.4 inches high between 1900 and the 1930s, but I have never had one...just the miniatures. So cute!  All of the above teacups are available at Antiques And Teacups, other than the miniature which is from Time Was Antiques where I have most my Shelley China. For more info click on the photos.

So there is Part 2 of the Shelley shape primer. If you missed Shelley shapes Part 1, click HERE.

Thanks for joining me, and take time to visit some of the other wonderful blogs I am joining. There's a linky at the bottom for you to link your tea related posts and I just love hearing from you! Have a wonderful day and have a cuppa with a friend!

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  1. My comment flew away so here goes again. You have so many lovely cups and saucers and one can learn a lot just by reading your blog! What a wonderful post!

  2. Awesome info! I am so happy you are continuing this series of blog posts on Shelley china!

  3. Hello Ruth,
    What a wonderful line-up of Shelley teacups! Each shape is so lovely. I especially love the Heather teacup! Anything scenic on china captures my heart. Thanks for sharing all the info and for hosting.


  4. It's always an education to visit your tea posts Ruth. I've been on a 'whole food's kick for some time now. I try to make everything from scratch so that I know what is in the food we eat. It's more work and we go without sweets sometimes because I don't feel like baking but as you say, it's definitely more healthy.

  5. Sure enjoyed seeing your gorgeous collection here. I so enjoy stopping by and learning things on your blog! Thank you for that, and for hosting. Sorry I haven't shared a tea time in so long - life got away from me.

    Smiles and friendship for you.

  6. Great info!
    Love those fall colors...gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. Hi Ruth,
    Your teacups are so lovely. You are so knowledgeable and share such interesting facts with us. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Have a wonderful week!

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I love them all, but I have to admit that my favorite one is the Tall Dainty! I'm swooning over that one. xo

  9. These are all so pretty! I love that little miniature Cantebury. I really appreciated seeing your mocha after dinner coffee cup, too. Everyone had those in the country where I spent many of my formative years. The people drank very strong coffee with loads of sugar in very tiny cups. It was called "cafezinho" which just translates to "diminutive coffee".

  10. You have such a pretty collection. I haven't gotten "into" teacups yet, but it's probably inevitable, ha ha. We do have two that were my grandmother's, I'll have to post about them sometime, then I can join your party. Wishing you health! Thanks so much for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com


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