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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Harrod's Knightsbridge Christmas Windows 2013

I usually write about things that are tea related, but I just found the 2013 Christmas windows at Harrod's, Knightsbridge...the iconic London department store. The store is famous for them. If you saw Selfridge's, you know the root that sprouted this later tree, famous also for the former owner's son Dodi Fayed, being Princess Diana's last lover and partner in death. I guess the only tea connection is a window depicting afternoon tea...which Harrod's food hall in the basement is famous for, and a favorite place for us for tea while we are in London. The photos are from the Daily Mail Online. These are fabulous! People come from all around the country at Christmas just to see the windows! We did one year from the Midlands..2 hours by train.  The photo above is mine.  So...enjoy!

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  1. Hi Ruth, I haven't been getting your blog in my favourites for quite a while for some reason. Did you change your blog to "dot info"? Is that why? Anyway, I thank you for your comment and have changed your address and this post came up tonight. Hopefully I won't miss anymore!! Harrods windows are amazing. They're like artwork. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Oh, I *love* seeing department store display windows at Christmastime! Gorgeous!

  3. Interesting..... Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Really creative window dressing! I remember as a child going to see the Christmas displays in the windows of Foley's in downtown Houston, Texas. Of course, they were very traditional back then. Recently, they imploded that store --how sad!


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