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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day and a Chart For Viewing Comet Ison..UPDATE...Bye Bye Ison...

Graphic courtesy Shabby Lane Shops

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I hope you are in for a wonderful day of family, friends and food...and a Thanksgiving Day parade and probably a bit of football. 

But I found this animated graphic chart at the bottom of the post on the Huffington Post website that gives an overview of seeing the Ison comet, which is supposed to be the most spectacular sight of our lifetime, as it will never be back. It could be as bright as the moon, and is visible best about an hour before sunrise.

The comet began a huge ellipse far out in space and will pass behind the sun today and tomorrow then emerge and head back out into space for another million years before returning. I hope I can see it!

This last photo was taken to show where the comet can be seen in relationship to the constellations from the Hubble telescope wide angle lens.  And here is the animated chart of how high and what angle to see the comet. I sure hope I do!

Update:  As of 2pm Pacific time, the BBC reported that Ison had vaporized and is no more...so removed the viewing chart, 'cuz it won't do us any good. Sigh...Above is a coronal mass photography image of the comet vaporizing in it's too near pass to the sun's corona. It flew too close and...toast! or rather steam & meltdown. So...return to our regularly scheduled programming....

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