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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cross Stitch For Christmas, Antique Christmas Postcards and No Holly For Miss Quinn by Miss Read, more...

Hi there. I have scheduled this post, which is an experiment for me. It SHOULD post on Wednesday, Dec. 17th...I am just gonna see if it works! Being in the midst of Christmas festivities, I hope it works!

I am not a quilter, I used to sew and don't anymore, have tried crochet and knitting but can;t keep the stitches or gauge even, but I have a long history with cross stitch, which I love and find it so relaxing! I have a number of Christmas themed cross stitches that I would like to share with you, that go back to the 1970s. The one above is an old fashioned Christmas sampler that I did when we lived in a 1897 Victorian "shotgun" house in California...it was called shotgun, because supposedly you could open the front door and blast a shotgun straight through and out the back door without hitting any walls. The rooms were all one side or the other of a central hall through the house...true...

This next cross stitch sampler is  my Country Christmas Sampler I made while we were living in the mountains at 5,000 feet at a lake in the Lassen National Forest. About this time, we, and the adjoining little town of Westwood, had a boycott of PG&E when they tried to raise the electric rates 45%. We all organized and everyone turned off their power for a week. Mind you, there was 6 feet of snow at the time, but we were hardy folk back then...read a lot younger and less tied to media back then.  It was actually fun! Almost everyone had wood heat, so you melted snow for water and cooked on the wood stove, and lit your home with candles and kerosene lamps. It was November, and we had communal meals and had lots of musicians and games and had a ball! PG&E backed down and cancelled the rate increase after 6 days, as they felt we could go on for quite awhile...which we could have. Hooray!!! We made the national news with a headline of Mountain David whoops PG&E Goliath....cool!

The photo didn't turn out well on this...oh well. Anyway, a barefoot angel with hearts...sorta reminded my of Mary Englebreit....

And the last larger Christmas one I've done for awhile...been doing ornaments for gifts and package tags lately...like these angel cats....

do you have a collection of crafts you've done over the years that come out a Christmas or another holiday??

These are 2 antique Christmas postcards that I love. The one above is a lovely embossed English village scene from 1909, and the one below has a lovely verse from 1929....

A wish for your
As Christmas bells ring,
And all the bright blessings
These holidays bring.

Certainly my sentiments for you today. Now I am planning to sit down with a favorite Christmas themed book called No Holly For Miss Quinn by Miss Read...

Have you read Miss Read? Fabulous books centered around several Cotswold villages and their schools and inhabitants covering the Victorian era to the 1960s and absolutely charming. They engender a nostalgia...in me for the times and places my family lived and our families still do live. They are a wonderful window on the vanished or vanishing England and are a cozy, warm and restful series of books with endearing characters. Miss Read is the pseudonym of a retired school teacher, Dorthea Saint. I LOVE these books!

I want to post this for you crafty people with a crocheted tea cozy to be working on for next year....Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer! You can get the pattern HERE at a site called Craftsy.


  1. Ruth, your cross stitch pictures are beautiful. They are a lot of work. I used to do cross stitch years ago too but had to stop as I couldn't hold a needle well. I still have a couple of the ones I've done but only one is framed - a country Santa Claus. I love the old post cards and your reindeer tea cozy project will be so cute.

  2. Your cross stitch samplers are lovely, Ruth, and the kitty angels are darling! I also love the Miss Read books. Blessings for a very Merry Christmas! Bess

  3. Your cross-stitch work shows your love of this type of needlework. I especially like the second one, with the Santa sleigh.

    I have read a few Miss read books via cassette tape, can I still call that reading ? They are comforting and sweet, and good read for a quiet evening by the fire with a cup of hot tea to drink whilst reading.

    The reindeer tea cozy made me smile !

  4. Ruth, these are fantastic. Please come share these with us at Pink Saturday.♥


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