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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November arrives with a storm...some tea, sale time...and a time change!

It's November 2nd, and we are having a forecast high wind and rain event...an I am happy inside with my cat Tinker, a cup of tea and my honey watching Chelsea and Liverpool playing English footbal!

I took this last night at sunset as the storm began to move in, facing west out of the kitchen window....

My teapot calendar is turned to November, and now features a New Hall, England oriental themed fall colored teapot from 1815. It's empty so far...but that won't last long!

I have an old English Country Life magazine from a buying trip a few years ago, and I love the fall cover. You can't tell, but my office assistant Tinker the cat, is by the top right corner. He is black with a bit of white, and I tried to take a better photo of him, but he is always in motioned so they came out blurred. He had to see what I was doing....

There are always great photos, but I loved this with a country house with hallway displays of hates, boots and walking sticks.  Lovely to leaf through while enjoying tea....

I am having Stash Tea black & green tea Chai, which is nice and warming, and... 

multigrain, raisin and walnut mini muffins I made....seemed like the perfect fall tea treat!  Will you join me???

I also wanted to let you know that we are having our NEATNOV 15% off sale on our websites. Just use coupon code NEATNOV through Nov. 15th!
at Antiques And Teacups, Time Was Antiques and at Antiques And Teacups At Etsy.

And lastly....remember to Fall Back 1 hour tonight, officially at 2 am tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, and talk to you soon...if we don't blow away!

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