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Saturday, November 16, 2013

British 1984 Olympic Gold Medalists Torvill & Dean....Then and Now...still Dancing

Okay...I'm old...I admit it. That's why I remember the 1984 British Olympic Gold Medal performance of ice dancing duo Torvill & Dean...it was electrifying...and SOOO far ahead of it's time.  Here is a video of the performance from YouTube:

The sport has evolved up to it, but at that time...WOW!

But recently they appeared on the Strictly Come Dancing appeal for the BBC Children In Need campaign...I was thrilled and delighted to see they are still performing, and wow again! So I thought I'd post it for all you crumblies like me who love to see a memory still going strong!


  1. Dear Ruth,
    I guess I am crumbly too. I so enjoyed seeing them skate again and then dance. Wow. They look wonderful and as graceful as ever. Thank you for such a treat.
    Best, Ruthie

  2. Good Evening Ruth, I actually watched Children in Need last night and watched Torvill and Dean dance....they were both fabulous to watch. They are also part of Dancing on Ice which begins in January. I remember watching them win their Gold Medal and they were amazing, as the routine was totally different from anything which had been seen at the time.
    Strictly Comes Dancing is on tonight, so I am going to make supper and watch it on tv. I love it, it is a fabulous programme.
    Before I make supper, I am going to watch your clip of Torvill and Dean dancing their Gold Medal routine.
    Best Wishes


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