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Monday, April 15, 2019

Titanic Anniversary... lost April 15, 1912

April 15th, 1912 is the date the Titanic tragically sunk...
the ship was the most famous in the world... and probably still is...
and was supposed to be unsinkable...
it has been a romantic touchpoint in history since then...

The above photo is the last taken of the Titanic as she sailed from Cobh or Queenstown, Ireland in 1912 by Father S. M. Browne.

White Star Line Titanic poster... PBS

Poto representation of the contrast of the size of Titanic versus a modern cruise ship...
fascinating! Pinterest, don't know source

And we have cruised a few cruise ships, even across the Altanic several times...

Onboard the Celebrity Millennium several years ago, we loved the Olympic specialty restaurant onboard, which is named Olympic after the sister ship of the Titanic. The Olympic was also a White Star Line ocean liner built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Ireland in 1910. White Star ultimately became Cunard. The dining room has the original paneling and murals from the Olympic. I have found a YouTube video with more info about how the dining room, the Olympic specialty restauraunt came to be on the Celebrity Millennium: 

We were invited to a tea in the Olympic restaurant, and I share here a few photos of that. We were so busy talking to friends I forgot until the end to take photos. Also, some of the original Olympic artifacts were in glass cases and did not photograph well. Sigh...

I can just imagine what the Titanic decor was like...seeing the beauty, elegance and workmanship of this sister ship's decor.
So sad....

In 2012, for the Titanic centennial, Harney and Sons Tea debuted a tea blend in honor of the ship...

A press release at the time said that Harney &Sons Tea has just launched (yep...their pun) a RMS Titanic Blend Tea for the centennial of the of it's sinking. Here is the tea description on their website:

Titanic Tea is our latest endeavor, created as a tribute to the tragedy and heroism of “A Night to Remember”. PH Nargeolet, one of the divers with the French exploratory group at Woods Hole in Massachusetts when the Titanic was found, encouraged John Harney to create a commemorative tea to honor the 100th Anniversary of those who perished when the Titanic sank. John has created a tea blend which reflects the quality of tea that was served on the Titanic.

There is Chinese Keemun, one of the last teas British still consumed in 1912. The British had mostly switched to black teas from Assam, India and Ceylon. Also there is Formosa Oolong, which was popularized in both the UK and the US by an enterprising Brit. So this blend would have been recognizable to tea lovers a hundred years ago.
A portion of the sales of our RMS Titanic Tea will go to The Ocean Conservancy, the dedicated organization committed to preserving one of the Earth's most valuable resources, our Oceans. We hope you will enjoy this tea, and “Remember".

Here is the link to the tea on the Harney and Sons Website, as it is still one of their best selling teas. And is quite nice... I have had several tins over the years:

RMS Titanic Tea Blend

Photo of an actual 1st Class menu on Titanic... Getty images

Remembering all those who lost their lives, and all the brave folks who helped in the rescue effots...like the Carpathia...


  1. Such a tragic story! My hubby is working tonight so it might be a good time to watch the movie again. I have it taped; the edited version which is wonderful. No nudity and no profanity. I should have done a post too on Titanic or at least put a re-post on. Thank you for your tribute and have a wonderful week. Happy Easter, dear Ruth!

  2. What a lovely tribute, Ruth. Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. Ruth, I've never been on a cruise (I get seasick, no matter what), but I enjoyed touring, and having afternoon tea, on the Queen Mary on holiday once. Those old ships were quite something, couldn't be duplicated today.

  4. What a fascinating post - the Titanic has so captured our imagination - would love love to have tea there someday


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