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Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Daffodil Tea And Visiting Kids

Hi there. I have been out of commission with horrible allergies. According to the allergist worst for years...lucky us!
And the worst is our son, daughter-in-law and middle grandson arrive for a visit, and I have a whole list of things I haven't been able to get done!
Oh well...
This is a Daffodil spring tea I did a few years ag, but it seemed appropriate as our Daffodils are all out.

Tea, as usual in the sunroom...

I had some Welsh cakes I had made for St. David's Day on March 1st I got out of the freezer... and enjoying a pot of Tete-aTete miniature Daffodils I found which I will be planting outside...

I have a HUGE German Farmer's cup and saucer from the 1890s I have temporarily placed the little pot in...even as a tea lover, ther is NO WAY I could drink that much tea in the morning and survive! But I had German neighbors as a child who had one each every morning! It has a dog on the front...

I am always a bit hard pressed to find yellow or green teacups, as those are not my usual go-to colors, but this fits the bill, and reminds me of Primroses which are just beginning to pop up around here...

The pattern is called Jacqueline and dates to the 1960s. Enoch Wedgwood is a famous collateral of the famous Wedgwood family, a cousin to the Josiah Wedgwood branch...but not the same.

For some years, they sort of capitalized on the Wedgwood name as Wedgwood & Co. Ltd. until 1965, when they were acquired by Semart with the understanding they alter the name to Enoch Wedgwood. But it returned full circle to the Wedgwood Group in 1980 and became earthenware, and subsequently disappeared, presumably into the Fiskars conglomerate along with the rest of WWRD.

The second teacup just seemed like spring to me...hand colored pansies on brown transferware with enamel accents.

The maker is Tuscan, England and dates to the 1920s. Tuscan was a trade name of Susie Cooper and Plant and survived intil the but potteries attrition in 1966. Again, all rights and records hidden somewhere at Fiskars, Denmark now since 2015.

Did you notice the stacking teapot in the back? I remembered I had that...in a peach to green luster and thought it would go well for our tea...

The stacking teapot is by Royal Winton Grimwades from the 1950s in a line called lusterware. Lots of folks haven't seen them, but they are the origin of the current popular Tea For One with the difference that they incorporate the teapot...perfect for 2...and the cream and sugar...apart it looks like this...

Royal Winton Grimwades started in 1894 when Grimwades used the trade name Royal Winton named after the Winton Pottery where they made their goods. It had the same fate of many potteries being acquired many times. In 1995, new management went back to the original name and reissued some of the famous chintz patterns from the 1950s to a new audience in Victoria magazine, and are still producing, although not necessarily in the UK.

I added an art deco pair of sugar tongs so you can drop the Demarara sugar cubes into your tea...

So I hope you have a lovely week. We are so looking forward to the kids' visit, as they live out of state so we don't get to see them as often as we would like... and my husband's health precludes us going to them.
So doing the happy dance between sneezes!


  1. A mesa posta ficou linda.
    A louça também é muito linda.

  2. Sorry to hear about the allergies. I've always wanted one of those stacking teapots by Royal Grimwades. Enjoy your family visit.

  3. Ruth, that was lovely AND informative, as usual. I like learning more about the potteries and patterns. I just came in from watering the garden and had a big sneezing fit--yes, allergies, are no fun. Hope yours settle down soon.


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