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Monday, April 29, 2019

8th Anniversary William And Catherine, New English Tea Company

Today, April 29th, is the 8th anniversary of the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011.

It was a great spectacle indeed...
so yesterday I had a small tea in honor of the date with a couple of fun new finds...

I found a pretty Forget-Me-Not teacup... appropriate for remembering an anniversary...

The teacup was made in the 1950-1960s by Regency, England. Regency was a 20th century pottery that came into being in 1953, changed and managed to survive indepently until 2005 when it closed.

And this was just a fun find... a costume ring of crystals and a Sapphire glass gem, that I think was supposed to mirror Catherine's engagement ring that had origianally belonged to Princess Diana, William's mother...

And of course, tea.  This was a very fun find for us, as it is a new tea company, the New English Tea Company. This is a tin of English Breakfast for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...

No big deal, you say... but the address is... on Spitfire Close which is by Spitfire Island in Coentry (Castle Bromwich actually) which is where my father-in-law worked for years as head electrician at the Austin Motor Works.

This area of Coventry, where planes and other important world war II armaments was heavily bombed during the war. My husban, as a small child during the war, lived just a few miles away and remembers the bombing, lights of the fires and the dog fights of the Spitfires trying to stop the German bombers, and being rushed to the family air raid shelter in the garden.

It is near Junction 5 of the M6 motorway and the present day Jaguar Cars plant (the former Castle Bromwich aircraft factory). 
And in the industrial park nearby, the tea is being processed.
The top image is mine, the bottom is from ImagesOfBirmingham

So a bit of Royal and family interest for us.

Still a few tea towels available at Antiques And Teacups...
click on the photo...

Happy anniversary to the royal couple!


  1. Love the ring...and was SO saddened by her death.

  2. Your forget-me-knot teacup is such a beauty, Ruth. I hope all is well with you and your hubby.

  3. I think I saw the same tea tin at HomeSense a few weeks ago. I was thisclose to buying, but I resisted because I'm trying to limit my tea purchases. I still have the tea towel that I won a few years ago.

    Thanks for the visit and solving the EB mystery. I'm not a big salt user so I ended up putting a battery-operated candle inside the salt pig. HA!

  4. Ruth, I'm well stocked on tea just now, but I'll keep this one in mind. I always appreciate learning about a new tea company.

  5. What a beautiful table to celebrate the date!Happy Anniversary to the royal couple!Blessings!


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