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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Sunday...National Tea Day and Queen Elizabeth's 93rd Actual Birthday

He is risen! He is risen indeed!
Wishing you a wondrous Easter Sunday!

And also today, April 21st...

April 21st is National Tea Day in England...I know what you are thinking, isn't every day???
Well, yes, but this is the official one.

And today I am drinking Twining's Darjeeling... a repeat buy here at my home.

And I hope you have a cup to raise to toast a birthday!

Because April 21, 1926 is Queen Elizabeth II's actual birthday...

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in a photo by Marcus Adams with her mother Elizabeth, then Duchess of York in 1926...

As we saw her on Thursday, looking fabulous, the Queen is 93 years old April 21st and is a marvel!

So here is a Shelley coronation teacup from 1953 with my favorite sepia photograph taken by the Queens then brother-in-law Anthony Armstrong-Jones who was married to Princess Margaret....

 I found these patriotic biscuits at Tetley tea...

April 21st is the actual birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, although it is officially celebrated in June as the weather's more predictable. 

An official coronation portrait by photographer Dorthy Wilding

Andy Leipzig's portrait of Queen Elizabeth as Wonder Woman...released for her Diamond Jubilee....

And one of my favorite images of Queen Elizabeth....source unknown...

The Queen and the Cambridge great grands...

So Happy Birthday Ma'am!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    I have a January birthday and this year, we got a huge snowstorm on my birthday. Maybe I should follow the Queen and celebrate my birthday later--when the weather is more predictable. I just saw the newly released photos of Baby Louis. Too cute!

  2. Ruth, you've shocked me! I would never have dreamed this post was going to have a "doctored" photo of HM the Q as Wonder Woman! :D

  3. She is adorable!Lovely pictures!That one as Wonder Woman made me smile,so cool!


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