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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why I love England...Cheese Rolling in the Cotswolds

Have you ever heard of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire? Maybe not...but we stumbled on it on one of our annual month long family visit and antiques buying trips in 2009....and found the annual Cheese Rolling contest down the hill...

The end of May usually...this year on May 30, 2016...a famous or infamous day in Gloucestershire because the annual competition of rolling cheddar cheese rolls down a hill in Gloucestershire has been being done for 100s of years until health and  safety concerns got into it in 2010 and banned the contest...That didn't go over well with the local villages and participants.  In 2011, an unoffical rolling took place, and this year, 2016, it's back as official.

 Can you imagine chasing after a large wheel of cheese weighing 7-8 pounds plummeting down a bracken laced STEEP hill?  The gradient is 1:2...VERY steep!

But these enthusiasts, nuts, athletes, creative anachronists...love it! And I must admit it was fun...the village was festive, street fair, morris dancers, traffic back-ups...typical festival atmosphere...

There are several websites about it and these are so fun to click through, see the videos and read what is required and what led up to the cancellation. The videos are too much!   

Cheese-Rolling-Crazy Festival

Anyway, it's definitely a Need To Know thing...don't you agree???? Enjoy...and pass the Cheddar, please!


  1. LOL this is just too funny. Thanks for sharing, Ruth - really hilarious!

    I am from a tiny village on one of the Great Lakes and every New Year's Eve the "Drop the Walleye" (a fish populated there.) So different areas have their weird quirks, that's for sure. : - )

  2. What a fun, my dearest Ruth, you've just given me another reason for loving England with all my heart even more !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I wish you most wonderful days to come, sending hugs and more hugs to you

    Xx Dany

  3. oh no, too funny!! I had to go watch the you-tube videos. Those crazy Brits!!

  4. Now I have case of Wanderlust and a craving for Cheese (and wine) Happy Weekend, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh that is the funniest thing I believe I have ever seen! That's great!


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