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Thursday, June 23, 2016

In England National Cream Tea Day On Friday June 24th!

I already posted this on my Facebook page, but Friday, June 24th in National Cream Tea Day in England....the National Trust posted this yummy photo on their Facebook page...

And I also posted this...when folks asked about clotted cream...an English cream tea staple. This is a recipe I found very close to my hand-me-down English Nana's recipe, but also has some history and photos...not just oil stains like my Nan's has....from Tori's Kitchen...with a great photo tutorial....The Old Fashioned Way: Clotted Cream And Scones

And this next article answers the age old question...which goes on first...cream or jam????


So...I hope you get to have some...unfortunately, Friday will be spent at the Doctor's for our annual physicals, doctor's visits and prescription re issues, so no scones & cream for us...sigh...


  1. These look so delicious--but none for me either. I had my physical and well....now I am on a diet! Sigh....

  2. Love the beautiful photos of the scones laden with cream and jelly! Mouthwatering!

  3. Dear Ruth:
    These scones looks so delicious. Time to bake some! I love all this helpful advice you have researched and linked up. Thanks so much for sharing and linking this.

  4. Also Ruth,
    I added another photo of the pond being cleaned out today.

  5. Leave it to the Brits to have a National Cream Tea Day. Yet, another reason to go visit England. A few local stores in my area carry imported Devonshire cream. I love it. Thanks for sharing yummy photos and may your blood work allow you to have scones and cream soon.

  6. What a fun post, Ruth! I have always put my faux Devonshire or clotted cream on top of the jam or lemon curd. It's too bad my hubby doesn't care for it. He prefers whipped cream. At least I've got him admiring pretty china now. He often notices a pretty teapot or teacup in a TV show. Makes me giggle because he always says, "I can't believe you've got me noticing china!" He's such a good sport! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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