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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alaska Teas For Tuesday Cuppa Tea And An Alaska Giveaway!

Welcome! GREAT news on the blood work...we were so healthy the nurse sent the doctor into the room with 3 pieces of chocolate each! Lol! But this post may be late...for which I apologize in advance...because Saturday morning, while doing prep for dinner Sat. night, I tripped on our cat who was underfoot as usual, and fell off balance into the cooktop...just missing hitting my face on the edge by catching the edge with my wrists...ooohhh such pretty colors have appeared...and twisting my back. So, as all my photos are on my desktop and as Blogger doesn't like iPad...this post will have to be done in small increments for just as long as I can sit in my desk chair...sigh...if it isn't one thing, it's another!

As some of you may know, we are repeat offenders as far as Alaska cruises go...especially because we live near ports and can get some killer last minute deals...the residents of other cruise port cities, like Miami or Los Angeles probably have the same story...so we were up in May for a cruise...and I always look for tea...

I came home with 3 varieties from an Anchorage tea blender and coffee house called The Kobuk that looked good, but actually bought them in Skagway.

The first is called Winter Berry Blend which features black tea, raspberries, peppermint leaf and chocolate and smells and tastes wonderful. 

This is their Samovar Tea....which is the Russian tea urn depicted...right in line with Alaska's Russian hertage. The Tea smells and tastes divine! Like a spicy chai black tea, lots of cinnamon, orange and cloves. 

The third variety is called Drowsy Bear, and is a combo of chamomile, star anise, rosehips, licorice and orange peel. My husband has an herbal drink like Sleepytime each night, so I thought we'd give this a try, and he has really enjoyed it. So much so, we may order it online.

If folks are coming to Alaska from the Southern states, they often ask...do we really need a jacket? This is the Sawyer Glacier, in Tracy Arm...what do you think???

Alaska Giveaway

And that brings me to my Alaska Giveaway.....

A package of Wild Blueberry tea...got this last year, and enjoyed it so much bought more for this giveaway....

As it's Alaska, thought I'd give you a pack of Gold Nuggets...chocolate that is...

A fridge magnet...so you can remember to visit the glaciers before they disappear...as many are shrinking....we have seen the difference in many over the years...

Slipper socks...me in the morning before my cuppa....you too???

And a small, hand painted Matrioshka doll...painted by Russians in Skagway...a traditional nested wooden toy doll.  So...there you have it. 

To enter, leave a comment on this post saying: 
Enter Me!
I will draw the winner randomly next Sunday night....also, I will post on the Blogger post itself, because I find I can't communicate well with those who are commenting from Google+...

I wonder why no one was in the pool????

I am joining:

Thanks so much for joining me for tea!  Here is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and I do read every one if I can find and can get to you to visit!  If you comment from Google+…it isn’t easy...so forgive me if I am not replying to comments you so kindly leave...I am trying!


  1. Please, please, enter me!!!! Alaska was my parents favorite place to visit and I can't wait to go one day myself! Love the Matroska doll.

  2. Found your blog a few weeks ago and love to read your tea-adventures.
    How wonderfull that you went with an Alaska-cruise, but a pity as you say and see that the glaciers are shrinking.

  3. Great news on the health of you and your hubby, Ruth! Hope your wrists and back heal quickly. Thank goodness it wasn't your face or teeth! I did the same thing several years ago, tripping over a rug at my kitchen sink. That took me awhile to heal!
    Thank you for hosting and for the generous giveaway. Please Enter Me!!!!

  4. Dear Ruth,
    Ouch! I'm glad you didn't hit your face but oh my, that wrist sounds sore and twisting one's back wouldn't be any fun either. I pray you heal up quickly. Your adventures to Alaska sound wonderful and it is a wonderful giveaway you are offering. Take it easy and thanks for sharing.


  5. Hope you are feeling better soon. I would love to visit Alaska. Enter me in the giveaway please.

  6. Enter me! I Would love to go on an alaskan cruise - looks beautiful. I shop for tea everywhere I go also.

  7. Ooh . . . enter me, please!
    I do hope you heal quickly from your fall. So thankful it wasn't worse! Good job with the good health reports for you both.
    Wow, "repeat offenders" for Alaskan cruises! Sounds wonderful. That is on my bucket list! xo Deborah

  8. Please enter me. Alaskan cruise sounds very exciting. Too bad my hubby doesn't like to travel. Thanks for sharing your goodies. Sandy G

  9. Oh I would love a nurse that handed out chocolate! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Please enter me! What a sweet give away. I have wanted an Alaskan cruise for years. I think I'm getting closer to convincing hubby to go. Love your tea cups. Linda

  11. Ouch! Wishing your wrist and back a speedy recovery, Bernideen. The teas that you brought back from Alaska look really interesting! Thank you for hosting!

  12. Hahaha! How cute! Yes, Enter Me! Well done on being so healthy you're allowed chocolate too :) Thanks for the link and the giggle. Mimi xxx

  13. Oh, you certainly took a nasty fall. I've had some near misses with our dog. It is 102 right now so the photos from your cruise look heavenly. I love picking up new teas from my travels too. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway...I would love to enter. Much thanks!

  14. Dear Ruth:
    This is a nice for much needed rest and relaxation for you for sure. We don't flex and bend as easily as when we were 20. Hope you can sit and drink a lot of that tea. Glad you are able to enjoy these cruises.

  15. Hello Ruth,
    Congratulations on being healthy! Yay! That is such good news. Your new teas looks interesting. The first one really sounds delish to me. You must find all kinds of variety on your travels.
    Thank you for hosting!

  16. Good morning Ruth, I thank you for the invite. I hope that you are feeling better from your fall. I fell in the garden last week trying to reach berries from a chair the chair sank on one foot causing it to tilt and off I went thank goodness only ending with a lage bruise on my legs... Funny thing was my older daughter had just told me mom be careful climbing on things.. Well thank God we are both ok. Have a most lovely day. With love Janice ps. All your teas sound so interesting.

  17. Please enter me. Lucky you, living near a port! We took an Alaskan cruise and it's our favorite trip ever. Would definitely do it again.

  18. Ruth, hope you're better soon. I nearly tripped over the cat yesterday and feel very fortunate that neither of us was hurt! Thank you for hosting every Tuesday.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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