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Friday, June 10, 2016

In Honour Of Queen Elizabeth's Official 90th Birthday...a Wedgwood Tea

If you have followed this blog for some of the 8 years Antiques And Teacups has been blogging, you know I always have a post for Queen Elizabeth's official birthday...celebrated in the first part of June...although her actual birthday is April 21, 2016....

This year is even more special, because it marks her becoming the longest reigning English monarch, surpassing her great great grandmother Queen Victoria last September, and also because it is her 90th birthday, which means she is also the longest lived monarch.

These are her informal official 90th birthday portraits by Annie Leibovitz...

So this week, I put together 2 90th birthday teas for Her Majesty...the first today to start off the weekend, and the next...with the Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky...to continue.  

This first tea also features quintessentially English Wedgwood jasperware, and, surprisingly, Wedgwood tea!

I had just gotten 2 tins from Tea Dog of their new importation of Josiah Wedgwood teas, so had planned my blog for that, then remembered the birthday weekend, so this is 2 parts. 

When we used to visit England annually for a month of visits and antiquing, we always included a visit to the Wedgwood Museum in Barlaston, just outside Stoke-on-Trent, and invariably had to have tea in their tea room. The tea always served was good, so we usually brought some home. So...I thought...why not try it! I got their traditional blend...

and also a tin of their Darjeeling...always my tea of choice...which I haven't tried yet...

I love the tins...perfect on my counter in my blue and white kitchen. The tradioninal tea was a bit surprising...it is almost granulated, which is strange, and is a heavy Assam type...which is not my favorite, although my Honey, who likes the Midland brand Ty-Phoo best, quite likes it. Am looking forward to the Darjeeling next...

My teacup is a 1959 Wedgwood blue jasperware with the Sacrifice Figures With Lamb...and goat, I may add....

I dearly love Wedgwood jasperware, and have spent hours over the years, dawdling in the factory and museum watching it being made with all of the figures being applied by hand by craftsmen...again, a case of no 2 pieces ever being exactly alike, as there was room in the design for artistic vision and design within a larger design base. For more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.   

The tray, is one of the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace...quite nostalgic from many visits, and because my husband was in the Coldstream Guards, and found the guard at the Palace at times...

I also have my Twining's 90th Birthday Tea which we quite like...very nice flavor.

Today, Friday, there was a service of Thanksgiving in the Queen's honour....

Later today, she hosts a tea party for 100 school children at Windsor....

Tomorrow is the traditional procession for the Trooping Of  The Colour...here she is when she used to ride on her favorite horse Burmese...

There will be a flyby and balcony gathering, and on Sunday, the Mall will be closed for a huge luncheon for Her Majesty's birthday...hope they use the gold state coach for the procession! LOVED seeing it at the Royal Mews...for a post I did at the time of William and Catherine's wedding in 2011 on the Mews...click HERE

If you would like to send birthday wishes to Her Majesty...here is the link:

So...I will back Sunday with my second 90th birthday tea party and the linky for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!


  1. A lovely tribute to the Queen! The Wedgwood is perfect for the occasion and the cup and saucer is really beautiful. I have always admired Jasperware as I used to sell it when I worked at a jewelry store years ago. Such exquisite workmanship. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely weekend, Ruth.


  2. Beautiful. I love the blue Wedgwood dishes. The tray is lovely also. A great tribute for Her Majesty's 90th birthday.

  3. Loved the post, Ruth. Definely displaying my Queen E items this week. Been a while since I have had a chance to do a tea post. Must plan one soon!

  4. Loved the post, Ruth. Definely displaying my Queen E items this week. Been a while since I have had a chance to do a tea post. Must plan one soon!

  5. Dear Ruth:
    What a fun and informative post. Our lovely Queen is sure amazing. I enjoyed all your information. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  6. I think she is still a very fine looking lady. I so wonder about her sense of humor..wonder if she's fun to be around or very stiff...? Such a nice post about her....this post would be wonderful to add to
    Blue Monday..backyardneighbor.typepad.com

  7. oh, and if you do link it there, would you tell Jeanne bj said HEY...thanks

  8. Beautiful Wedgwood jasperware. I enjoyed this post on Queen Elizabeth. Wonderful photos!

  9. Another fun post, Ruth! Wedgwood is on my wish list. I have seen their teas (sold as teabags) at the Royal Albert stores, but haven't tried them myself. Thanks also for sharing the Tea Dog link!

  10. Amazing how vibrant she still is! Happy 90th!

  11. Thank you for another so beautiful post filled with love and enthusuiasm for our so lively queen, to come and visit you always fills my heart with gladness, sweetest Ruth, I'm so very grateful to you for this !

    Enjoy the end of your week ahead, sending my dearest love to you with so much thankfulness

    Xx ~ Dany


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