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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Tea for Tuesday Cuppa Tea

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I am continuing my Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday weekend post, with my tea party...part 2!

So here is part 2...with my inspiration being the  the tin poster I have from the 1952-1977 Silver Jubilee...

My tea features the Wedgwood jasperware teacup I posted on Friday HERE in case you hadn't seen it...

but for today's tea, I have added a bit more Wedgwood jasperware, 

and am focusing on the other teacup and added a piece of birthday cake...because it is a birthday party!  The other teacup is a wonderful Tuscan coronation teacup from 1953 that echoes the tin poster I have from the 1977 Silver Jubilee...

The photo, one of the official coronation photos, was taken of the Queen  by Anthony Armstrong-Jones, soon to be married to her sister Princess Margaret and to become Lord Snowden.  It's one of my favorite photos for the coronation...quite a glamour shot...

This is from a Clarice Cliff designed plate from the coronation made for the Canadian market...

Friday provided the beginning of the 90th Birthday weekend with a service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey, then, after the service of Thanksgiving for the Queen's 90th birthday, there was a special children's tea party at Windsor Castle with schools having their children dressed to represent the decades of the Queen's Life....

and a marquee afternoon tea to follow...

Saturday was the annual Royal procession from Buckingham Palace to St. James for the Trooping Of The Colour...or review of the Queen's Guards...which for many years, the Queen did on horseback...

This is one of the last years she rode...on Burmese...the following photos are this year, in a carriage, followed by Prince William and Princess Anne on horseback...

As usual, a poor guardsman fainted...happens every year. We know about it because my husband was part of the Queen's Guards who guard the Queen and the palaces...a brigade of 5 guard units...He was in the Coldstream Guards...and someone always faints.  

And adding insult to injury, the poor guardsman is always charged with being Idle On Parade and assigned to extra duties...and a lot of ragging.  Couldn't tell which of the 5 regiments he was from as he is face down...you can tell by the way their buttons are placed on their tunics, and their collar emblems...my Honey hopes he wasn't a Coldstream Guard.

After the Trooping Of  The Colour it was back to Buckingham Palace to huge crowds, a balcony appearance and air force salute....

It was Princess Charlotte's first balcony appearance, and seemed to be enjoying it more than her brother Prince George...

On Sunday, the Patron’s Lunch included 10,000 guests to the Mall outside of Buckingham Palace where they will take part in a huge street party. 

Tickets, which cost £150 per person, were sold through through a ballot system with proceeds supporting the Queen's charities. The luncheon will be for the paid people who will join guests from more than 600 charities of which The Queen is patron.  Marks & Spencers did the picnic hampers...

The hamper included:  Scottish Smoked Salmon mousse with hot and cold Sandringham oak smoked Lochmuir salmon

Pembrokeshire chicken roulade with Wye Valley asparagus and minted Cornish potato salad with pea shoots, creamy mayo and a herb drizzle

'Posh' raspberry royale - Norfolk Tulameen raspberries and a strawberry jelly, layered with a sponge and clotted whipped cream hand decorated with a chocolate plaque

Best of British sandwich selection: Roast Northern Irish beef with horseradish mayonnaise and baby watercress on soft white bread; Smoked Scottish Loch Etive trout with a dill dressing and watercress on soft wholemeal bread; Farmhouse mature Welsh cheddar with Kentish Claret tomatoes and Windsor apple chutney on soft malted brown bread; Applewood smoked Wiltshire ham with Tewkesbury mustard on soft white bread

Mini piccalilli pork pie

Two butterfly cakes - one light vanilla sponge cake with strawberry frosting and the other a lemon cake topped with lemon frosting

Cornish Cove mature cheese and Red Leicester with Scottish seeded oatcakes
Pressed Windsor apple juice

Pimm's   Hope it was #2...my favorite!

Bottle of water

I also saw that each hamper also included a commemorative PG Tips tea mug...and it was stated that 40,000 cups of tea would be prepared to be served!

As is often the case...it rained! But...rain ponchos were part of the picnic hampers...they are Brits, you know...But there was a break when the Queen arrived in an open car...

So...a wonderful day. Prince Harry said that he thought what his Gran really needed for her birthday was to put her feet up and have a day off, but this incredible woman, at 90 and Prince Philip at 95, continue to average 300 engagements a year. Amazing!

From Tetley Tea on Pinterest

I will be joining....

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  1. Thanks most sincerely for this so gorgeous post I enjoyed so much reading again and again, dearest Ruth !

    Hope your week is off to a good start I'm wishing you most wonderful days to come, sending love and hugs to you

    Xx Daniela at - My little old world -

  2. Thank you so much for your gorgeous story - I so wish I had been there - rain and all. And Her Majesty just gets better with age. Pip Pip xx

  3. Thank you for all the information you shared, Ruth, for the Queen's birthday, and your lovely tea to celebrate her. She and her husband certainly are amazing to attend 33 events a year! I am just finding out about your hubby being a Queen's Guard. Wouldn't it be fun to receive one of those picnic hampers? Thank you for hosting and have a beautiful week.

  4. An absolutely splendid post, Ruth! Love all the Jasperware and your Silver Jubilee teacup is a treasure. What a wonderful hamper filled with goodies and digging into it would be an adventure itself. Funny, I always felt sorry for those Guardsmen although I know they consider it their duty and honour to be one. Thanks for sharing a very interesting post.


  5. What a wonderful post! I enjoyed seeing all these pictures. So much to comment on -- like those two adorable schoolgirls in the dresses and cardigans. How lovely; sure wish little girls still dressed like that! The picnic basket would have been such a treat, and I loved seeing the couple enjoying it in the rain! Kate looks stunning and her two children are adorable. The Queen, of course, is amazing. 300 engagements a year! A woman half her age would have trouble keeping up. And she always looks wonderful. So nice to see her handsome prince still by her side.
    And I know I shouldn't have, but I had to laugh at the poor guard face down on the ground! Poor guy!

  6. thank you for the lovely post the table display was just lovely have a great day

  7. Hi Ruth,
    I love your blue wedgewood teacup and queen teacup. The pics of the Royal Family are so lovely. What a dear little Charlotte and how she resembles her big brother. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  8. This has been so interesting Ruth! You have so many lovely items celebrating the Queen! Thank you for hosting!

  9. Dear Ruth, I enjoyed your post featuring the Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration very much. The pictures are great and the Queen looks so happy. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful event. I wasn't able to watch all the festivities over the weekend, so I've got some catching up to do.

  10. Dear Ruth, all I can say is, I wish I was there! I love London, and the Royal Family hold a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed what you shared, especially the picnic hamper! I hope my links are suitable this week. Love, Mimi xxx

  11. Thanks for hosting and the fun post, Ruth! I love your Wedgewood Jasperware tea set and enjoyed seeing the images of the festivities in Britain. Princess Charlotte looks like she's a waver. I'm reading your post out of order so now I'm off to read Part 1!

  12. Oh Ruth, I just love this post! The photos are not only pretty but educational also. You have done a swell job on sharing your knowledge of the splendid royal celebration. I hope they do a television special on it. I hope to post something English, in a day or two. Kindest regards, Jill

  13. A celebration worthy of this wonderful lady.

  14. Your posts are always historically informative and you have a lovely collection of tea things....Christine

  15. Hello Ruth,
    your post is a real party itself! Lots to see and enjoy. I loved reading about all the party plans. Your tea setting is wonderful. I too have the same Tuscan coronation tea cup! I wish I could have been in London for the celebrations. That would be a memory : )
    Thank you for hosting!

  16. I admire the queen very much. She is looking amazing and beautiful these days, too! That Royal blue is stunning on her! What a wonderful post you've done on her birthday celebrations!

  17. It is hard to believe she is 90. Long live the Queen indeed. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Dear Ruth:
    I too admire the Queen but sometimes have questions about her relationship to Diana. It doesn't seem to matter though as we share never know everything here on this earth. I appreciate all the work you put into this posting. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  19. What a fun post to see all the little tributes to the queen.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. Ruth, thank you for hosting. And thank you for these entertaining and informative posts about this and other historic events. They make me feel as if I'd been there! Delightful hampers from Marks & Spencer!

  21. loved your tea time post on the Queen's birthday. That poor guard. Leaving him planted face first on the concert seems rather cruel!

  22. Very interesting and entertaining post about the Queen's 90th birthday! Lots of facts and info that is totally new for me.
    I am taking part for the first time in your tea related meme, thanks for hosting it!
    Warm regards,

  23. Dear Ruth:
    Thanks again for share your wealth of knowledge about the Royal Family. I so enjoyed!

  24. Queen Elizabeth looks so happy. What a beautiful 90th birthday celebration! Thanks for hosting...Christine

  25. Dear Ruth,
    what a beautiful post about the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth ! I have enjoyed all the pic's of her celebration. Thank you for sharing !
    Greetings from Germany

  26. Hi Ruth...very nice post for the Queen. Thanks for stopping by. I need to pop over to your blog more often! Hugs to you.

  27. Beautiful blog entry Ruth!!! I Love Wedgwood!!! I can not stop thinking of that poor guardsman!!! :O

    Otherwise, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!


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