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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Shelley Heather, Happy 70th Anniversary Constant Comment Tea

Hi there and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. This is a short and choppy post...at least I hope it gets posted...because our internet provider is having problems and they have been working on it all week. They were out again yesterday, and are due today as well to replace wiring and my modem for the new wiring, and I have had molasses slow and unreliable internet all week...hopefully when this posts it'll be fixed! It certainly reminds me how tenuous our connections in the ether really are!!!

Because it's summer, although we have had a bit of rain the last few days, which we really need, it made me think of this Shelley China, England Heather teacup, so I decided to share that today. I have shared it before, but it's a favorite!

Landscape patterns are a favorite...it's fun to sit in the sunroom with a cup of tea in the afternoon and look at the scene and daydream of being there, and bring up memories of walking in similar scenes....

As you know I am sure, I LOVE Shelley China and have been collecting and selling them for 30 years now. I just love their quality! This is pattern number 13419, and the teacup is in the New Cambridge shape. The teacup was made between 1940 and the late 1950s when they went to a mark with a picture of heather and the name. The pottery closed in 1966, and the pattern Heather was being made until that time, and on several different shapes. It's always fun to see the different versions. Anyway, I love the pattern.  For more info at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

The year 2015 is the 70 th anniversary of  Bigelow Tea's Constant Comment tea...created by Ruth Bigelow in her kitchen. Ruth Bigelow and the family could only afford a single-color label for her first tea. To help spruce up the package, her son David Jr. and her husband David Sr. would sit together each night, hand-painting the two ladies on the original label, which I have been unable to find a photo of. This is from the Bigelow archives, and bears the report that one night, David Sr. turned to David Jr. and said “Son, don't tell your mother, but I don't think this company is ever going anywhere.”  The tin photo above is their special anniversary tin.

bigelow tea 70th anniversay

Today, not only is family-owned Bigelow Tea is the #1 U.S. Leader in specialty tea, but that first tea—“Constant Comment”®—is its flagship brand and has always been a favorite of mine, after discovering it as a teenager...and that's decades ago!

Happy anniversary to a favorite tea...and one that comes in a green tea variety too!  We are drinking green tea every day, so this is always on hand for me. Have you tried it? It's very much like the black tea version.

Changing gears, I just got new cushions for the sunroom wicker chairs...w have had these for 15 years...they started out originally in Ashland, Oregon on a covered patio/porch are...from Pier One...we have 2. The cushions were down filled...best we could get at that time, but I'm allergic to down, and they were getting shabby...not in a good way...and faded.

When we moved here to Sequim, the 2 chairs moved with us because they were perfect for the sunroom. Pier One was having a sale a week or so ago, so I bought some non allergenic cushions that are made from Sunbrella material which will stand the sun better. I am not sure of the color, but it was the best I could find with a quantity of 4 at the clearance price of $14.99...which was much better than the original $50 each. So...what do you think? Not perfect, but...

So that's it for today...hope that the internet is fixed enough to allow this to upload and post.

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. Good morning, Ruth! I love your Shelley teacup! I'm like you and like to daydream about the landscape of the teacup, and it taking me away to a simpler time. Also, like you, I enjoy a cup of Constant Comment tea. Yes, I've tried the green tea version, as well.
    Your wicker chairs cushions are so pretty and the pattern can take you away to a beautiful tropical place.
    Thanks for hosting, Ruth, and enjoy your new, comfy, non allergenic cushions.

  2. Your Shelley teacup has a pretty design on it and I too have daydreamed about being in the place pictured, especially the English cottage scenes.
    I've only tried Constant Comment once as it was tucked in a tea card exchange and it was an impressive tea. Can't say I've seen it here in Canada.
    The new cushions on your chairs say 'tropical' which is perfect for a sunroom and I hope they're comfy for sitting with your tea.

  3. Hi Ruth: Thank you for the scripture and the kind words. You are indeed a very special lady. Love the Shelley. Have a great week. Hugs, Martha

  4. Lovely Shelley teacup. You have a beautiful collection Ruth. I've never had that tea before; sounds delish, since you say so.
    Thank you so much for the lovely tea party.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. I love Shelley and all the beautiful patterns. I bought a coffee set with demi cups and saucers when we visited Replacements. It has a similar shape and pattern but with a cottage. Your posts are always so interesting and glad to know about Constant Comment! Thanks for hosting your party!


  6. Ruth, your teacup is a dreamy one. Dreamy, because I dream of England and have never been there. My uncle has told me so many wonderful stories of growing up there and sometimes I can envision it through his eyes. I have only had Constant Comment tea once which I received from a blogger friend and it was really delicious. I wish we could get it here. Perhaps I will get my son who lives in CO to send me some. Your wicker chairs look so inviting and are sure to be a comfy seat in the sunroom. Thank you for hosting and joining me for tea.


  7. We sold Constant Comment in The Rosemary House when we first opened. Very popular - great flavor - and one of the very first teas I enjoyed!

  8. Thank you for hosting, Ruth! I always enjoy seeing your pretty Shelley teacups and hope to own one myself one day. I finally tried the Constant Comment tea this year and I can see why it's a popular Bigelow tea flavour. Hope your internet gets all sorted out this week!

  9. Oh Ruth, I always keep two bags of Constant Comment in my work pouch. It is just the thing to cheer up an afternoon at the library. I like your new cushions, they're cheerful!

  10. Hi Ruth,
    Your Shelley is another beauty! Your new cushions are lovely too and what a great deal! Happy Anniversary to Bigelow Tea! Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Blessings! Karen

  11. The tea cup is really gorgeous and elegant, I love it. The post about the tea {Bigelow} and it's anniversary is very informative as well. Thank you for hosting another great tea party in your blog. I always enjoy your post and seeing other's who love tea as well. I hope you have a great week!
    Under The Tea Tree

  12. Good afternoon, Ruth! My, your Shelley tea cup is quite the beauty! It's probably one of my favorites from your collection :)

    Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I always enjoy your sweet posts. Hugs!

  13. Thanks for hosting! I love that tea too!

  14. Hello Ruth,
    It is lovely to stop by and have a tea visit with you. I have missed participating and now am relishing a moment to visit.
    Your Shelly landscape here is so lovely. I have loved that pattern and other landscape patterns, but never come across them in the shops. Yours is lovely. And summer is a perfect time to sit and sip from it.
    Your new chair cushions do look cheery!

  15. Oh, I love English Heather! The scene is solovely. Really pretty new cushions Ruth. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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