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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Far North Tea, Birthday Giveaway

Hello and thanks, my friends,  for visiting for Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It's been hot again, so today I am having a Far North Tea...and associated giveaway, because August is my birthday month!

A couple of months ago, we went on an Alaska cruise...I know some of you saying "Again??"...But, as you folks who live in or near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, Los Angeles or any other cruise port, sometimes there are incredible deals out there. And we have been doing it long enough, and know enough local travel agents, that we get last minute deals cheaper than staying home!!!!

This, or rather these, are some of my tea cups for this week... that I DIDN'T buy while in Sitka, Alaska...they are by the Lomonosov, Russia company that are more famous for their blue and white, and I had planned to buy one, as I bought my last Lomonosov here in Sitka about 6 years ago and had several that I'd given away or sold at Antiques And Teacups over the years and thought I'd buy one this time and keep it....until I asked the price. The shop owner wouldn't even take them out of the case for me. The covered one was $450.00 and the other was $395.00. She was Russian, and had been selling them for years until about 5 years ago when the price shot through the roof, so these were the last and she would not be restocking. Wonder why! Whoa! So if you have one, treasure it! 

And this is the one I DID buy at the same Russian American store in Sitka...it in a Russian folk art style called Khokhloma...I could put it in Russian if I had a Cyrillic keyboard, but I don't...and is hand painted on black lacquer and a very popular Russian folk art. It goes with my other Russian things...in 1967 I spent 6 weeks in the USSR and associated communist countries. I had Russian all through high school & university, and I came home with lots of little things...many which have come back to me as I have lost the family members I brought them back for.  As you can see when you look at the wooden nesting dolls called Matriyoshka or Little Mother, the tallest and 2 similar are the oldest from 1967...much simpler decoration, and the others are ones I have gotten as gifts or picked up in Alaska from folk artists since than and they have  a different look.

These others are from 1967. The Khokhloma box was brought home for my mother, and returned to me; the little Baltic Amber bird was a Communist Revolution anniversary token gift from our Russian guide...or watchdog, really...whom I formed a friendship with as I spoke Russian; and the egg is a hand made Ukrainian Pysanky egg on it's little separate pedestal I bought from a wood carver in Kiev at a street market.  I keep meaning to get out the slides of that trip and do some digitals from them, but...hasn't happened. 

But...from this Alaska trip, some things I thought you might like to see...a new Keep Calm design in all the shops...it IS bear county!

Seen at a store in Juneau...a set of nail varnishes titled High Tea...with teacups on the box...

A wonderful potters in Homer, Alaska with a tea themed decor...but too dark inside...the photos didn't turn out...

This great shot of nesting Kittiwakes on the I beam of the pier we walked across from the ship... I enlarged it here so hopefully you can see the beak-to-tail birds on their nests all along the beam....

A shot of Portage Glacier by Anchorage....the blue means it's older, compressed ice that has recently be revealed after a recent calving event. I don't want to bore you with a lot of trip photos...I have loads, especially the other glaciers, but...I figure that's enough!

And now...Happy Birthday to me! My birthday is this month, so while I was in Alaska I thought about the blog giveaway I wanted to do for my birthday, so...here it is...

I had fun finding the items in different ports...but they had to be lightweight....

A cookbook called Baked Alaska by Alaskan author Sarah Eppenbach. This came from a bookstore in Ketchican that specializes in local authors...includes tea treats like Taku Glacier Lodge Wild Cranberry And Orange Scones, tea breads, lots of stufff. I regret I didn't buy one for myself...but I'll be back up there soon...heh heh...

A large bear cookie cutter...'cuz they ARE big!

From Icy Strait Point, Blueberry Tea...

Some 3 dimensional Alaska stickers from a Anchorage business...but made in China! Rats!!!  And a great coaster with a wonderful tea quote:
Simply be
rather than do
for just a moment

So that's it for this week's Tuesday Cuppa Tea. To enter my birthday giveaway,  just leave a comment Enter Me and I will draw a name with Random.org on Thursday August 12th. 

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. I love those tea cups you featured. Wow, stunning! I am the first to link up today an the first to say, put my name in the hat for that give away. How fun! Happy Birthday to you dear friend. May God grant you many more to come. Hugs, Martha

  2. I have never been to Alaska......and I live 5 hours from Galveston! I MUST look into this as a cruise IS on my 'Bucket List!'

  3. Those Russian teacups are unbelievable--the beauty of them and the price.

    And a very Happy Birthday to you!

    Please enter me. [email protected]

    1. I was pretty amazed as well! But they were gorgeous!

  4. Love the Russian teacups. Please enter me in your generous giveaway.
    [email protected]

  5. Thanks for sharing your Alaska trips and hosting, Ruth! If I lived near a cruise port, I'd be cruising all the time too! I'm glad that you acquired one of the gorgeous Lomonosov tea sets before the prices got outrageously high.

    If your giveaway is open to Canadian residents, I'd love to be entered. Thank you!

  6. How nice for you and your hubby to get away so often on an Alaskan cruise, and why not, when you get a great deal! My late beloved and I did get to go several years ago and it was wonderful. All your Russian accessories are wonderful, Ruth. Goodness, the price of those teacups was exorbitant!! Thanks for hosting and for your generous giveaway offer. Please enter me! Is your birthday on the 12th? That was my late Dad's birthday, but he's been gone for 30 years, dying when he was only 60.
    Thanks for hosting, Ruth, and enjoy your week.

  7. The nesting dolls are so cute and wow! those teacups are so pricey! I'm glad you were able to find another to bring home with you. Wonderful birthday giveaway, Ruth! I have never been to Alaska and probably never will go because I'm not a good traveler. So glad you can enjoy it! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful day.


  8. Happy Birthday sweet friend. I hope you celebrate all month long. I love the fun things from Alaska. I got to go several years ago and I've never forgotten the majestic beauty....and ruggedness. It's like being in another country, isn't it? Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  9. Happy Birthday! My hubby has always wanted to go to Alaska. So please enter me!

  10. Happy birthday, dear Ruth! So nice to have the Alaskan cruise, so beautiful!
    Such a lovely and generous giveaway, too! Enjoy your celbration.

  11. Hi Ruth,
    Happy Birthday to you Dear Friend! My father's birthday was August 3rd. I am shocked by the price of those teacups. Wow! Does the shop keeper ever sell any? I have my limits about the price I would spend on a teacup and that certainly exceeds my limit. I love all of your scenic pics and what sweet keepsakes you have. The little Russian nesting dolls are so cute. Happy Tea Day and Thank you for hosting! Have a Wonderful Birthday Dear Ruth! Karen

  12. Happy birthday and many moreeee!!! I would love to go to Alaska, how different and interesting it must be!
    Thank you so much for hosting and have a great birthday week too!

  13. Oh yes, enter me please. what a lovely and generous giveaway! I love that you went to Russia for 6 weeks, what an interesting experience that must have been, especially before the Wall came down. I have some of those nesting dolls as well. Sitka must be beautiful; I guess I never thought of the Russian influence there, but of course, it's so close.
    Have a very Happy Birthday Ruth. xo

  14. Happy Birthday! How nice of you to give presents away on your special day! Please Enter Me for the goodies. I enjoyed reading about your Alaskan and Russian adventures. I love the nesting dolls and gasped aloud at the price of those Russian teacups. Have a wonderful birthday week!

  15. We are great fans of the Alaskan Bush People, plus the program with the truckers and the program where they look at property for sale in Alaska. It is such an adventure place. You have so many interesting pieces here that you shared!

  16. Hubby will be jealous when I tell him you know how to speak Russian, because he has always wanted to learn. Your little amber bird looks as if she has a story to tell. If you ever find out why the price of those precious tea cups skyrocketed make sure to let us know.

  17. It was nice traveling with you [vicariously] on your Alaskan cruise. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and blessings all year long.

  18. Happy Birthday to you! It is my birthday month also. Your travel posts are always interesting and I am not bored by the photos! What a lovely and generous way to celebrate - a very nice give-away. I found your information on the Russian tea cups and pottery interesting. Have a blessed week. Thank you for hosting.

  19. Oh, your Alaskan adventure looks so exciting... all the places you've seen and visited... all the interesting things you've seen... Congratulations on such a great experience. The give away sounds exciting as well. I wish you all the best in your future :-) And have a great week!

  20. Lots of treasures from Alaska and Russia. A friend brought me back a set of the nesting dolls when she was over, mine are red.
    The keep calm shirt is fun as is the High Tea nail polish set.
    Your giveaway has a number of interesting things, please enter me for your draw.
    I'm still waiting for FB to tell which day your birthday is. :-)

  21. Wow is right on those tea cup prices! I'm pretty sure I don't own one worth that much money. :)
    The birds are cool! I love how they nest on the edge. Thanks for posting the photos of Alaska.
    Visiting from Roses of Inspiration~

  22. Please enter me! LOVED visiting Alaska via cruise ship in 2009 ...

    Sharon in Alabama

  23. What a fun trip you had -- and such lovely goodies!! Have a *very* happy birthday month!! And please enter me! :)

  24. We have talked about going on an Alaskan cruise, but haven't yet. I know a lot of people who have and loved it. Yes, if you get such bargains; why not take advantage of it? Loved seeing your Russian collections! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. How I wish you could enter from the UK, the grizzly cutter would be great , make a change from gingerbread people

  26. I love your blog...you are so inventive and creative...please enter me in the contest
    greeting from triple digits North Texas...it is so hot...you could put a tea bag in a cup of water and set it outside on the sidewalk and in 10 minutes have a hot cup of tea...but then add a bunch of ice cube!

  27. Hi sweet friend! Forgive me for being so behind with blogging! :) I always love having you link up with Roses of Inspiration and I truly appreciate your time and effort. I hope you're able to join us again later today.

    Your giveaway is so sweet and generous, dear Ruth. I would certainly love to be entered :) Hugs and blessings to you!

  28. Keep Calm and Play Dead! Cute and probably a very good idea!! Please enter me in your nice give away.

  29. Happy Birthday! I always enjoy your beautiful teacups and pictures of your travels
    Please enter me. [email protected]

  30. What a fabulous post! sorry I'm late to the party- would love to be entered in the giveaway :)


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