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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Easter Tea

Hello and and welcome to my tea themed meme, Tuesday Cuppa Tea! This week I am celebrating Easter...the most important time in the Christian calendar...

I put together an Easter afternoon tea on our tea table in the sunroom yesterday...we had a lovely sunny day, so I was able to photograph it...before the cupcakes were gone!!!

We had a big dining room and entertained a lot when we my husband was pastoring a Calvary Chapel, but after retiring with health problems...a heart condition and what we now know was the onset of Parkinson's Disease, we had to move from the 2 story mountain lakeside house we had inherited to a much smaller home where we are now...with  no dining room. Hence my beloved tea table....I's amazing what I can fit on it! LOL!

I have 3 teacups to tell you about in a bit...but there are also some Easter treats...colored candy Easter eggs, and even a few Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate eggs...in the purple foil. I can allow myself one a day without triggering an allergic attack...a few moments of pure joy!!!

With some cupcakes in Easter pastels from our local That Takes The Cake award winning bakery...and a few of my antique Easter cards and postcards....

The tea for the party is Republic Of Tea's English Breakfast tea...which says it's The Perfect Cuppa...and while it has a nice flavor, is no where strong enough for British tea tastes!

The first teacup is...what a surprise! A Shelley China cup and saucer in the Celandine pattern...

The teacup is in the Lincoln shape and was only made between 1963 and 1966 when the pottery closed....

If you follow this blog, you know how I LOVE Shelley! This teacup is pattern number 14013 with gold trim. The Celandine is part of the Ranuncula family, and is considered a weed by many, but is a popular wild flower in England.

The next of my teacups is by Victoria, a trade name of Cartwright & Edwards, England and dates to the 1930s...

The pattern is called Mandarin and is green transferware on white bone china with gold trim...

Mandarin is a version of the perennially favorite Peony pattern that was made popular in the late 17th and early 18th century by traders bringing back china from the far east...there are hundreds of variations on the pattern, and all are charming!

My last teacup for this tea party is by Royal Grafton and dates to the 1950s...

This is a cheery, sunny yellow with roses...doesn't the color just make you smile?

Oh dear....the last is out of focus...sigh...I am not the world's best photographer. So there are 3 lovely teacups for tea...

My tea table has 2 beloved ornaments as well...both gifts from folks in the congregation we served...a wonderful cross with the scripture:

Let your roots grow down
into Him,
And let your lives
be Built On Him
Colossians 2:7

And a lovely church bird house that I just love.....

Thanks so much for joining me! I hope that the Spirit of Christ will rise anew in your hearts this Easter as we celebrate this most Holy day! 
He is Risen!

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. Hi Ruth,
    What a beautiful Easter tea table you have set. I enjoyed seeing your teacups but I really enjoyed seeing the wonderful antique postcards, the one with the lambs pulling the egg is totally adorable, while preparing for my last post I realized I don't have many lambs in my Easter decorations or in my postcards. I'll have to work on that one. :)
    Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter.

  2. Very nice Easter tea setting! My eyes were drawn immediately to the sunny yellow colour of the Royal Grafton teacup--I love that shade of yellow! Gourmet cupcakes don't last long around me either and I'd love to sample the ones from your gourmet bakery.

    Have a wonderful Holy Week and a joyful Easter celebration!

  3. A lovely tea table with some pretty teacups shared this week, love the Shelley myself.
    I didn't realize your husband is a retired pastor, you received some special gifts from the congregation.
    Thanks for hosting your weekly tea gathering Ruth.

  4. I love your tea table!
    Your blog os totally lovely!!! I l could look at all your lovely things for a long, long time!
    I am putting together an Easter celebration for my children and grandchildren this Saturday.
    He is RISEN!! He is risen, indeed!

  5. Such a nice Easter post with your lovely vintage postcards! I've been trying to "study" and learn the numerous Shelley patterns, but I've never seen your Celandine pattern. I really like this pattern and the Lincoln shape. Never knew Ranuncula was part of the weed family. I just posted a photo of yellow ones in my garden pot. :) Your scripture passage at the end is very meaningful and some timely with Holy Week. Have a wonderful Easter with all of its blessings and thank you for letting me link up. ~Nora

  6. Your Easter table is so lovely Ruth, my favorite tea cup is the green Mandarin. Thank you for having us again this week...hugs....

  7. What a sweet collection Ruth! The yellows you have chosen are perfect for the earliest of spring days. The graphics on those antique cards are just charming. I had missed somewhere along the way, that Hubby was a retired pastor. Downsizing is very fashionable right now. See how contemporary you are! Happy Easter!

  8. What lovely tea cups, just right for an Easter tea. Those cupcakes looks so good. Thanks Ruth, for sharing your Easter with us.

  9. A beautiful Easter post, Ruth! Your tea table looks lovely with the pretty teacups and cupcakes. I wish you and your husband a blessed Easter. Pam

  10. Your table looks delightful set with treats and lovely china, Ruth. Such pretty teacups and cup cakes! I like your bird house too. Hallelujah! He is risen! Happy Easter to you and your family!


  11. I love your sunny room for Easter tea. The Shelly cup and saucer is my favorite and would to lovely to sip tea from. Have a lovely week! Hope your Easter has wonderful weather!


  12. Love the Shelley teacup specially and the setting is lovely.
    Thanks for the sweet party.
    Have a blessed Easter week my friend.

  13. Hi Ruth,
    What a lovely Easter Tea, Ruth! It is so fun, isn't it to play tea party? And don't our hubbies like it too especially with all of your delicious looking goodies of cupcakes and candy? Such pretty teacups and the Mandarin is my favourite. Gorgeous! Thank you for hosting Tea Time and Happy Easter! Karen

  14. A lovely Easter post! Your tea cupss are so pretty and the cupcakes look yummy! Enjoy your week and have a happy Easter!

  15. What a lovely Easter tea table in the sunroom, Ruth! I think my favorite teacup is the Victoria. I love the pattern and color of it. I'd love a cupcake, too, before I leave! Thank you so much hosting and Happy Easter blessings to you.

  16. Hi Ruth,
    Lovely Easter teascape. All of your teacups welcome Spring with their lovely color. I love cupcakes! I enjoyed your vintage Easter cards, too. Happy Tea Day and Happy Easter. Thanks for hosting!

  17. I've already left a comment but I'm back to thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Ruth.

  18. I hope you can sell all your pretty teacups. The postcards sure caught my eye. I love your tea room which is so perfect for photo shoots. The table looks sweet.

  19. Ruth: Pretty Easter tea! I really enjoyed seeing all of your vintage postcards--you have such a great collection! I think the mandarin teacup is my favorite of the ones you shared this week. Happy Easter!

  20. Happy Easter to you and your husband as we celebrate our risen Lord all around the world! Your teacups are lovely. I would not have guessed the Shelley was a Shelley! Your vintage Easter cards and gifts from members of your congregation are lovely too.

  21. Hi Ruth: Love the cups you have shared today. a perfect Easter post. Have a blessed Easter. Hugs, Martha

  22. A beautiful post Ruth for the week before Easter.
    Lovely cups and Easter Holy cards.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter.

  23. Ruth, I don't think I've ever heard of *green* transferware before! Might've known I'd see it here first!

  24. Hi Ruth, Your tea table is very pretty. Love the pretty cupcakes and your gorgeous teacups! Happy Easter!

  25. I hit publish and my comment disappeared, so maybe you will get two comments here :) Those cupcakes and jelly beans look so yummy! I love the green transfer ware cup; usually the Shelleys are my favorites, but this time the other wins out!
    And a cute bunny at the end. Have a blessed Easter Ruth.

  26. What a wonderful post. I agree, your tea table is pretty.

  27. All three of your teacups are gorgeous Ruth! The cupcakes look so tasty and the entire table is a delight! Happy Easter. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. This is such a lovely post you wrote. And I enjoyed learning about the history of the teacups. I hope you have a blessed Easter.

  29. Beautiful! I love all of the spring colours! Happy Easter!

  30. What a treat, Ruth! I'm taking an afternoon, after 3pm, on Good Friday tea break and posting to Pink Saturday and see that you're still open through next week for Easter tea time. Love your selections--the Shelley is stunning, as usual and the green transferware is very unique. I am loving more yellow this season, too, as your third teacup models. For some reason yellow is popping out to me--which is new since I tend to go for jewel tones and darker shades. Perhaps I like the cheery feel of it after our long winter. Your goodies are tempting and it was such a treat to visit a tea post for a change. I almost feel guilty doing so and not working!! The book publishing has been a long time dream come true--but there is a cost to my time. I don't have the leisure for blogging as often as I used to. Haven't posted since St. Patrick's Day! Lovely to link in with my modest post and only ONE teapot to boast about. Hope to visit a few more before I get dinner happening and then off to church services this evening.

  31. A wonderful Easter presentation. Well done.

  32. This was a beautiful Easter post, my friend! The tea cups you shared are simply lovely! I can see why you like Shelley :) I have a few Shelly tea cups and have fallen in love with them.

    Thank you, my dear for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a beautiful and blessed Easter! Hugs!

  33. A lovely Easter tea. How blessed we are. Each tea cup is lovely but I am drawn to the Victoria today. Maybe because I am longing for some spring green? Hop your Easter is a good one. Angels to you


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