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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trip to Cirque du Soleil

March 15th we got to attend a performance of Cirque Du Soleil's production Kurios...a Cabinet Of Curiosities. We love Cirque and have seen several productions...Kooza, Corteo, Varekai and another, that I don't remember the name of...you know, over 35....

In the POURING rain...broke a one day rain record...we took the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds Washington....

In case you haven't been on a ferry, here is the car deck...then you head upstairs...although you can stay in your car for these shorter crossings...this takes about 30 minutes...

There are various seats and table as well as window benches...to the right of this picture, where we were....and a snack bar/coffee place...

We then drove to Redmond, where the show was located, just outside of Seattle...stopping for lunch at the Red Robin restaurant...a chain known for it's burgers. We split a Whiskey River Chicken Wrap with fries, and had the above...called Fruffles for dessert, that come in the same sort of basket they serve their fries in. The name is a contraction of truffle & fries...and my goodness! Heaven! Brownie sticks covered in dark chocolate sprinkled with salt & sugar crystals & served with fruit sauce and whipped cream for dipping. There were 8 in the basket, but we only had 2 each...a waste, but with tryng to not overdose on naughties, that was about right!

The show was in their teant called Le Grande Chapiteau, which is huge...but we had to wait outside in the pouring rain for 20 minutes before they opened the tent. My husband was let in because of his Parkinson's Disease, and we were dressed correctly...warm and waterproof, but a lot of folks waiting in line with me weren't.

Some of the productions are in large arenas...when we saw Corteo in Victoria, BC it was in the Savon Foods Arena...warm, dry and more comfortable seats!

As usual, the production was fabulous...leaving you amazed what people can do! We loved it! 
to see a video preview of the show, click HERE

And hope another production comes our way soon.


  1. Oooh, I'd love to try the yummy Fruffles! I wished that I caught Kurios when they were in Toronto.

  2. Looks very interesting and quite fun :) Thanks for sharing with us, dear Ruth. Happy Spring!

  3. I enjoyed traveling along with you on this fun adventure.


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