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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, London Mug, Scenes from the London Olympics

Hi there! I hope you have all been enjoying the London Olympics as much as we have. The women's marathon today was wonderfully scenic and iconic as it wended it's way through London. And wasn't Michael Phelps' achievements stellar??!!

I also thought the flash mob at the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon,and congratulations to the Williams sisters and Andy Murray, was really fun. Here is a youtube video of it I found:

But this is a Tuesday Cuppa Tea post, so back on topic!!! Instead of a cup and saucer, in honour of the London Olympics here is an English bone china mug by artist Emma Ball made by Dunoon, England in 2007. All the fun things that make London...London are there...

I just love this design! The only criticism is the Guardsman is a Grenadier Guard and not a Coldstream Guard (my husband's regiment). Emma Ball does such wonderful watercolors!

With a background with horses, I am always interested in the equestrian competitions, and this year was fun as a royal watcher, as the team included Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara, daughter of former Olympians Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. Zara is on the far left of this team photo.

Great Britain won silver in the team competition, but Zara didn't do well enough to advance to the individual event finals, despite a huge contingent of her royal cousions, including William and Kate in the audience...

William and Kate also were enthusiastic supporters at other venues

Other items of interest, which I have also previoiusly posted on Facebook, I found this BBC photo of the stuntman who played the Queen as she parachuted out of the helicopter with Daniel Craig as James Bond for the opening ceremony, which is too funny! Apparently even the grandkids didn't know Queen Elizabeth was doing the clip. Prince Harry is said to have quipped, while watching the figure in the pink dress parachute down..."I didn't know that parachuting was one of her hobbies!" Typical British humor!

And as for the Olympics bringing out all sorts of groups, the cast of Downton Abbey made an appearance en masse:

I found that on Hugh Bonneville's Twitter feed, he plays the Earl Of Grantham, where he also has this photo statement I put on Facebook a week ago:

Okay...one last bit of info about...

Did you wonder if the gold medals are gold???? Well, being married to a retired jeweler and diamond setter, I needed to find out. The last pure gold medal was given out in 1912. BUT the current gold medals are 92.5% silver (just below sterling silver) coated with a minimum of 3 grams of gold each. They have to be at least .6 of an inch thick. At the current gold price of around $1,600 per ounce, that still about $150 in gold value, let alone historical value. Cool!

Okay...that's it for today. Here is the linky for my Tuesday Cuppa Tea meme following the list of some of the blogs I'll be joining with. Have a great week, and I hope you get in lots of Olympics. Good grief...we are staying up to midnight every night! I'll be ready for a vacation after!

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  1. Great post and images! I love the English mugs, so pretty. I haven't stopped watching the Olimpics, such great show! So happy for America and the Brits, loved the tennis match win!! I have no tea this time, but a reveal. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy week, honey.

  2. Hello Ruth
    I have watched the olympics when able and enjoy the equestrienne events as well. You have shared so many interesting things in this post - just love it!
    Too funny with the shirt 'Bates' is flashing and I can't wait for the series to start up again.

  3. great post! I love your mug. Thank you for sharing. it was very informative. I was wondering who the stunt double was for the Queen.

  4. Hello Ruth,
    Your mug is really cute and looks so British! I like your pink cups in your previous post too. They would perk you right up at breakfast. Have a beautiful day.


  5. This London mug of yours is so lovely, so nice to use, Ruth!
    I loved seeing the opening show of the Olympics, it was a super show and now I know about the stunt for the Queen!
    Thanks for the interesting post.

  6. Thanks for the info on the medals. I often wondered myself. Love your British cup...Christine

  7. Hi Ruth,
    What a fun mug you have! I bet you enjoy using it! I've been enjoying the Olympics,also. Your right on staying up too late! Enjoyed your info on the metals! Thanks for hosting your lovely party.

  8. How exciting to be part of the Olympics... even from afar... I always marvel at the variety of cup, saucers and mugs that are created for every British event... and I do try collect some of them.. Your mugs definitely display the excitement and good old humour ...Thanks for sharing all the fab info too.... Hugs

  9. Hello Ruth,
    I am loving your post! How fun is that flash mob! I saw a little of it during Olympic re caps but never actually saw it.
    I too have been enjoying the games. So much to watch! I enjoyed the women's marathon. Wow, those races are amazing!
    Your London mug is perfect for your post today.
    Funny about Downton Abbey!

  10. Hi Ruth: I enjoyed everything about your post--loved your mug, and the cast of Downton Abbey--a favorite show of mine. Free Bates indeed! Loved the horses as well--I used to ride dressage back in the day.

  11. I enjoyed the flash mob and like your London mug. Count me amongst those looking for the return of Downton Abbey to Canada.

  12. The Olympics do seem to be going very well this year - so thrilling. We moved to Georgia when the Olympics were in Atlanta - we stayed away because it was so very busy and we arrived to late to acquire tickets! So glad you shared these marvelous pictures - I do appreciate you sharing and hosting,

  13. AWESOME post! I actually squealed with delight and called hubs over to see the Free Bates tee shirt, heh heh!

    I adore the pic of Kate and Will hugging in celebration- so real, so special- what an award winning picture!

    Thank you for hosting!!

  14. Hi Ruth~ Love the beaker! Nice size, love the design, color and handle. Interesting facts about the Olympic medal content. Thanks for hsoting again this week. Happy teatime,

  15. Hello Ruth! Your mug is so beautiful!
    I enjoyed a lot reading your post, very interesting! and very nice photos!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  16. Ruth, Your blog posts are always wonderfully informative, fun to read, and eye candy for dishware and antique enthusiasts!


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