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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teacup Tuesday, Birthday Lunch, Sand Sculpture Contest

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It's a mixed bag today...and I must confess I am hurrying to get this posted before the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics. Hope I don't make too many typpos!!!

I don't have a cup and saucer today but beach themed mugs from Dunoon, England that were designed by British watercolor artist Emma Ball. We have had 4 consecutive days in the hi 70s to low 80s which is summer here, and it's made me think of summer scenes.

English beach huts are such a national thing. They line the shores...which are usually pebbles, not sand...and are often gaily colored and lovingly decorated.

These watercolours are so evocative of days spent in Looe, Cornwall. We spent several weeks there and loved the area. Can't you just hear the gulls call and the water lap and shusssssh against the pebbly beach???

For my birthday last week, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Alder Wood Bistro here in Sequim.  Alder Wood is a wood fired oven organic restaurant drawing from the organic farms in the area and serves literally 1-3 hours old seafood, and awesome pizza. We usually have the cedar planked fish with baby organic vegetables, but had something different this time. And wouldn't you know I'd forget my camera!!??  The photos here are from previous visits. The waitress is a friend, and she even brought me a special edible flower decked dessert with a candle, but no camera! What a doufus!!!!!
Alder Wood has a national, and even international following. Always yummy!!!

2 weeks ago we went to Port Angeles 10 miles away, for the annual Art In Action Sand Sculpture competition. We always go on the Friday when the artists are actually working, because we love to see the process. The octopus above is one of the permanent sculptures that festoon the downtown area and this is right at the Community pier where the contest and street fair was held.

First it was through the booths of the street fair to get to the beach where the sand artists from 8 countries...

A Hollywood Charlie Chaplain sculpture in process....

A prize winning sculpture called Metropolis....

One of the local radio stations KONP even had the engineers and disc jockeys involved....

 A Canadian tea's Canadian Mountie and emerging dog with a sled beside it was a popular sculpture

The People's Choice was a response to the shootings at the Dark Knight a few days before. They have a gun and the caption "This Is The Weapon Of The Enemy".

We had a great time. It's fascinating to watch them work. There are cash prizes, and some of the artists come back every year. There is a huge food court so you don't leave hungry. A wonderful, fun summer event!

Here is the linky and the list of some of the blogs I am visiting/participating. Also...for more info on the mugs at Antiques And Teacups, click on those photos.

Have a great day, and a cuppa tea!

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  1. Fun English beach themed mugs, Ruth! Also enjoyed the sand sculpture artists.

  2. Love all of the sand sculptures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love that hand painted mug. It definately does say, 'summer'! Had to smile, your summer temps are our Spring temps. Sand sculpting art always amazes me. So many hours of work to not last forever. Love all of them! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. No typo errors that I found. lol!

  4. Ruth, I enjoyed seeing your beach mugs. They hold sweet memories for you. Like the sand sculptures too! Enjoy summer; it'll be over soon. :-( Thx for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  5. That looked like such a fun event to go it! And your beachy mug is adorable. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  6. Hello Ruth,
    Your beach themed mugs are so cute! One of our tea rooms here carries quite a selection of Dunoon china but it is very pricey so I have not bought any. I would have enjoyed seeing those sand sculptures. Thank you for sharing with us.


  7. I'm loving this adorable summer mugs! They evoke summer and great times at the beach. Enjoy every day of summer 2012. Thank you for hosting. Hugs,

  8. Hello Ruth, I love the watercolor artwork on your mugs - so very serene and summery! Happy belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a very lovely time! The sand sculptures are amazing! What incredible talent and patience! I do appreciate you sharing and hosting! Hugs,

  9. Hi Ruth,

    Amazing sand sculptures and cute beach mug! We need to savor what is left of the summer my friend.

  10. The closing ceremonies were entertaining, weren't they? I missed the opening while away but made sure I watched the end.
    I look at your beach-themed mugs and can definitely hear waves and gulls; we love it at a seashore.
    Much planning and accuracy for the sand sculptures, some people are so talented.
    A belated happy birthday Ruth...I've used the word doufus on occasion myself!

  11. Such cute beach themed mugs, perfect for our summer days! Enjoyed your post about sand sculptures, we do ice sculptures here in the winter! Thank you for hosting your lovely party and also, belated happy birthday!

  12. Lovely mug! Lucky you in summer, we are in winter and I don't like cold days.
    Great sand sculptures.
    Thanks for hosting, I am joining with my children's cup and nursery rhyme, there are English dishes, I don't include it in the post. I know it's not the exact topic of your parties, if there is any problem please tell me.
    Besos from Argentina. Silvina

  13. What adorable mugs. Love the beach scenes. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Jocelyn @

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  15. Happy Belated Birthday to you Ruth! I do hope you had a very special day.
    Your mugs are very nice. I have been to Cornwall, and the watercolors do catch the feel of the sea side villages there.
    Those sand sculptures are amazing too! Wow!

  16. The mugs have such lovely art work. A beach hut sounds like so much fun. I would have fun decorating one of those!

  17. Calling by from Share your Cup Thursday, a belated Happy Birthday and I love that mug.


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