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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shelley Blue, Birthday, Bolts And Bales! And Pink!

Hi there! Welcome to my Thursday blog...a bit late. But I had a birthday yesterday...I am now an OAP! If you are a Brit, you know what that is! For you Yanks, OAP stands for Old Age Pensioner....or as my nieces and nephews in the UK say...a wrinkly!  Yep...65. 

This is the card my son & family sent. The inside says:

 "Do you know how fast you were going over that hill? 
Happy Birthday!"

As you can see...I get a lot of respect...sigh...

Because this Thursday post has a lot to do with teacups as I am joining Teacup Thursday and the other blogs below, I have a special blue teacup today. It's blue and white because that's my fav color, and Shelley, England because that's my fav manufacturer. But this is a little different, because it is a Shelley miniature teacup, which are the most sought after and hard to find of Shelley teacups. This little cutie is in the Blue Charm pattern, number 13864 that was made between 1956 and 1966 when the pottery closed. Isn't it cute? I found it in Vancouver, BC Canada and couldn't believe my luck! So that's my vintage teacup for today.

Bobbies Do The Bolt

Moving onto to the Olympics, this is my favorite photo from the last 2 days. After Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the 100 meters, Bolt fever and his signature lightning bolt move even affected this group of policemen...called Bobbies after the founder of the English police force Robert Peel...to do The Bolt as well.  Too cool!


And this week as we headed out to our local organic farm market, they had just finished baling hay. Out here they prefer the hay rolls...we call them "shredded wheat bales" after my husband's favorite cereal which comes i (or used to) in a similar rolled bale form in the UK. Welcome to Olympic Peninsula farm country!

And for Pink Saturday...pinky lavender from a local lavender farm....

Here are the blogs I am joining today. You will enjoy visiting them...I certainly do. For info on the Shelley mini at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos. 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ruth! May the year ahead be filled with many blessings. Love the card! My first thought was, ain't it the truth, cause I'm right there with you! ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday! I love the Shelley tea cup. I've never seen a miniature one before, so now I'll have to be on the lookout for one. Love the bobbies pic, too! Enjoy your day ~Michelle

  3. Happy Birthday to you and may you have a wonderful year! Love your little teacup. We just bought twelve round bales of hay for our horses.

  4. I'm a real sucker for miniature tea things and that cup and saucer are so sweet.

    Loving the Bobbies doing the Bolt.

  5. Happy Birthday! The lavender fields are so lovely! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Cute card and I love the little miniature teacup. I have the bales of hay just down the road but what I don't have near is all that beautiful lavender. So nice to meet you!

    the French Hutch

  7. Delightful! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Wedding Anniversary Pink, your comment will mean so much!

  8. Happy birthday to you!! I had birthday on Tuesday- not as exciting as your birthday sounds!

    Love the lavendar!

  9. Happy Birthday dear Ruth! It is a big one and sure helps with the health insurance! My hubby is there but I have a few more years to do.
    I hope you had a lovely day and continue to celebrate the entire year.
    Your pix are just beautiful.

  10. Happy Birthday, Ruth! Cute card from your son! And, congratulations on winning the cookbook from Angela's blog. What a fun birthday surprise!

  11. Happy birthday. What a cool card:)

    Visiting from Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..



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