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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Resources

As today is the first day of the official Diamond Jubilee weekend of Queen Elizabeth II, I thought I'd share several fun resources I found.

Would you like to send a personal message of congratulations to the Diamond Queen? Here is a link to the form for you to send in your best wishes:


In honour of her Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth has had two fabulous resources made public from the other Diamond Jubilee queen, Queen Victoria, who had her Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Queen Victoria was so ill and lame she was unable to climb the stairs to Westminster Abbey to attend the Service Of Thanksgiving for her Diamond Jubilee, so the service was read on the steps outside to Queen Victoria seated outside. Queen Elizabeth is hale and hearty in comparison for her 86 years!  Queen Victoria was 78 years old for her Diamond Jubilee.

The first is called Queen Victoria's Scrapbook and includes photos, diary exerpts, documents from the Royal Archives, art work from the Royal Collection. It is a fabulous website!

The other is the actual digital transcriptions of the actual diaries kept by Queen Victoria.

Am learning a few words of Hindustani to speak to my servants… a great interest to me

And I owe this poster to my niece in England who spotted the poster in a local shop and emailed it to me. I then went to a fun website and made my own...which I also used on my sister blog. It expresses so well my best wishes for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee:

We still have some Diamond Jubilee mugs available at Antiques And Teacups. Just click on the photo below:

Goodness! I just got a message from the Queen because we sent one to her. How cool is that! It's in PDF form, so I can't share it here...so send a message (link above) and get your own! Cool!


  1. I love your Jubilee post! So many interesting things! I agree, Her Majesty is so hale and hearty that she will easily be able to attend all of the celebrations and do so with her ever present smile! All of our friends who were living abroad have moved back so I am envious of the goodies you've been sent. I must order a mug from your shop! Oh to be in London for the Jubilee and drink in the festive air! Just a spot in the shade of a tree in St. James's Park would do. Now I must hurry to the sites you've provided and send a message to Her Majesty!
    Thanks for stopping by ~ Robin

  2. I wish you could be here - I know you'd love every minute of it!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about sending a message to the Queen. I'll have to go check that out.


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