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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coalport Silver Jubilee Mug Queen Elizabeth II From 1978

Because the British Union Jack flag is red, white and blue...do you know how hard it is to find something associated with the crown that's pink? I wanted to find something for Teacup Thursday, Vintage Thingie Thursday and for Pink Saturday. The links to those wonderful blogs are at the end of my post. This is the best I could find...and it's pretty special!

This is a gorgeous tea mug made by the famous Coalport, England for the Silver Jubilee in 1977-1978 of Queen Elizabeth II. I wanted to feature a royal commemorative because this weekend is the Queen's big Diamond Jubilee celebration which starts Saturday June 2nd and continues through Tuesday June 6th. It will be fun!

The bone china Silver Jubilee mug features the coronation symbols and symbols from the Queen's coat of arms. I love the Tudor Rose and the animals.

Although not a teacup, this is one of my favorite coronation images of Queen Elizabeth II taken by Anthony Armstrong-Jones, later Lord Snowdon and husband of Princess Margaret at the time of the coronation with the surround designed for the Commonwealth to be sold in Canada by Clarice Cliff:

And this is the English bone china mug we are carrying at Antiques And Teacups for the Diamond Jubilee. I really like the photo and the floral surround representing the nations of the United Kingdom:

The Queen will begin the Diamond Jubilee weekend by attending race day number 2 at Epsom Downs. The Queen is a keen horsewoman. The Windsor Horse Show held each year in May is the Queen's favorite event of the year. She dresses practically, wellies and all, and enjoys it immensely. This year her horse Balmoral Erica won the Highland Championship.

photos: Mail Online

We'll be flying the flag and look forward to seeing all the wonderful events, especially the Thames Pageant.  Have a great day and visit the blogs below participation in Teacup Thursday, Vintage Thingie Thursday and Pink Saturday.

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  1. These are such nice cups. The Queen is so beautiful, I am planning a Diamond Jubilee post,but haven't any nice picture mugs or cups. Just a few things I have from when I was a child actually taking part in a street fancy dress party in England 1953. x

  2. These are interesting mugs and I like them both as they are so different. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. You found the perfect combination to salute the royal family.

  4. Dear Ruth...how lovely! I just love all of your queen items and you present the best for us to see! Thank you so much. I can NEVER get enough queen goodies.
    Have a great weekend. How's the weather up north?
    Off and on sunshine here...humid today with the rain. UGH.

  5. I love that first picture of her! That's how I thought of her for years, though I was only 4 when she was crowned. She's had a nice long reign.

  6. Oh how lovely... and PINK! Gotta love that, right?

    I haven't heard if we're going to have some of the festivities televised in the US... I sure hope so.

    Yes, Kailua is just fabulous. We always go to Waimanalo Beach when we're there......although we didn't make it this time.........it's one of the MOST beautiful beaches in the world. Spectacular. Don't miss it if you go there. Did you stay in a bed and breakfast? I did a search several years ago to see what I could find...... (my hubby's daughter was getting married so the house was FULL).. :-) We stayed with friends instead. ... But I did find quite a few rentals that were very reasonable. I think you could google them if you're interested. Also found a new favorite Chinese restaurant in Kaneohe... extremely inexpensive and sooooo yummy. Pa Ke... Its on the Kam Highway. Order the minute chicken. You won't be disappointed. It's my very favorite.


  7. Oh how creative of you. We've been enjoying reading about the Diamond Jubilee as well. Thank you for this fun Pink Saturday post.


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